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Ashes of Creation is a new MMORPG developed by Intrepid studios. It uses Unreal 4 engine and it looks gorgeous even for a pre-alpha game. The game is far from being ready to launch, but if you’re interested to learn more about it, in quick lines, read on.

Dynamic Ever-Changing World

One of the best things about this game is that it will be constantly changing. The world is divided into zones & nodes, where every node has an area of influence.

These nodes (I will be calling them ‘cities’ from now on) can get destroyed and then re-developed again, from their ashes. There are multiple stages, from a basic camp inhabited by NPCs, all the way to a big metropolis.

In between stages include villages, towns and cities, each having their own benefits and additional ‘perks’ for players. These cities can be different in nature, militaristic, religious, scientific & economic.

Developing one fully might prevent others from developing further, and this is how conflict will be created between players, since there’s no ‘factions’ in the game.

PVE & PVP Content

A good MMORPG has both PVE (player versus environment) and PVP (player versus player) content.

A great MMO combines these two and delivers a superb experience.

In Ashes of Creation players will be able to complete over-world PVE content, dungeons, all the way to big raids and epic bosses. There will be PVP content, epic sieges and guild wars. In short, there will be something for everyone.

Housing System

AoC will have an extensive housing system, where players can own different types of houses, apartments, all the way to mansions. They can re-sell these, re-build them and use them for all kinds of in-game benefits.

Players will also be able to set shops, taverns, smithing stations and much more, since economy & crafting will play a big role.

Crafting, Economy & Politics

Crafting will be a huge part of the game since no items will be bound to an account permanently. I love this idea because everything stays dynamic, and if my friend starts playing the game and I want to help him out with some epic gear, I totally can.

Economy will also be a huge part of the game, there will be a caravan system where goods will be transported (and you can attack those also!) from one city to another, because there will be no globalized auction house system, so transport and selling of goods will be very important in order to prosper.

Politics will involve citizenship, voting and growth of ‘nodes’ (cities) through each stage, where leaders and government will be able to determine what types of buildings should be constructed next and why.

You can’t have it all, so you have to make good choices.

In order to be able to vote and participate as a leader or a member of government, you will have to own a house or an apartment in that city, and while you can own up to few different properties, you can only be a citizen of one node at a time.

This means loyalty and incentive to defend when raiders show up to sack your town in order to develop theirs further.

What Else?

There is so much more that I want to cover and post, subscribe to my Youtube channel to not miss out on future updates. I plan to cover all areas of interest regularly both in the forms of videos and pages here at the website.

I Want This Game! How Much?

Head over to their website and register for free today. There are weekly key drawings and betas will begin throughout 2018.

Full launch will take some time but once it’s out, it will be an awesome, constantly updated product. The game will have a monthly fee (I believe $15) and this will ensure monthly as well as quarterly updates.

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