Colosseum is the biggest PVP dueling guild in the Elder Scrolls Online. It is located on the PC EU platform and it’s open for anyone to join.

This community focuses on PVP and dueling, as well as the upcoming ESO Battlegrounds.

Is it Just PVP Stuff in There?

No, we run PVE content often as well, so if you’re looking for a friendly & mature gaming community to be a part of, you’re welcome to sign up no matter what your interest is. The main goal is to bring players together and make sure everyone is having fun as well as helping each other.

Do Players Connect Outside of the Game Too?

Of course, we’re all about making gaming friends! 🙂

There is a Facebook group, a Discord server and guild related videos are usually going off on my Youtube channel in a separate playlist when I get to it.

Check out one of our community events! 🙂

What are the Requirements & Rules?

There are no requirements and the rules are pretty simple, based on common sense. Just make sure you’re having fun and whenever you can, help out your fellow guildies! 🙂

Any Other PVP Activities?

When it comes to PVP activities, we do not (99% of the time) organize groups for Cyrodiil, although you’re welcome to group up with whoever might be available at the time. Making friends is great and you’re certainly welcome to ask for people to join you! 🙂

We do organize almost daily dueling events, as well as periodic tournaments and sometimes we might throw different types of games as well, like racing challenges!

How to Join?

If you’d like to join, send me a mail in-game @LegendaryMage and I’ll add you when I’m back on. 🙂