One of my favorite PVP Sorcerer Builds of all time, the Light’s Champion setup. It focuses on a lot of mobility, extreme durability, as well as huge duo and small group benefits. It also happens to be perfect for solo play, when you’re being hunted by multiple opponents.

Weapons & Armor Selection

This build utilizes two pieces of the Bloodspawn set.

Bloodspawn is a great monster set for a sorcerer since it provides additional ultimate regeneration, stamina recovery (I’m not using tri-stat potions so this is important), and a bunch of additional resistances, that are perfect with this setup.

You can get Bloodspawn by doing veteran Spindleclutch 2 (head piece), and also by turning in keys at Maj al-Ragath’s chest, at the undaunted enclave, for a chance at a shoulder piece.

Both should be light and either impenetrable or infused/divines. I prefer both impenetrable for maximum durability.

I also keep the following poisons active on both weapons, for added magicka & stamina sustain.

The first set that this build employs is the Lich set.

Lich is an awesome sustain set that will take care of your magicka management along with a couple of other things, and will allow you to not only sustain in battles with no problems, but also be very mobile.

You can get this set by doing crypt of hearts dungeon (veteran for epic jewelry) and first version for the unique Zaven’s Doomstaff, which is much easier to get on normal mode from the last boss, than farming for a restoration staff with a good trait that you might never get.

This build actually benefits from keeping the lich bonus active only on the front bar (it requires it really), as I will explain below.

I am using this set on the following pieces:

  • Destruction Fire Staff (sharpened, increase weapon & spell damage enchantment).
  • Waist (impenetrable, light).
  • Necklace (arcane, spell damage glyph).
  • 2 Rings (arcane, spell damage glyphs).

The second set that I am employing in this setup is the Eyes of Mara set.

Eyes of Mara is a crafted set that does require a lot of traits, but once you get it, will benefit you tremendously.

What this set does, is it reduces the cost of our defensive ultimate by another 12%.

In combination with Bloodspawn and our sorcerer ultimate reduction passive, we can use the restoration staff ultimate extremely often and make ourself extremely durable.

The way that the resto staff ultimate works is, it not only heals you for a lot over 5 seconds, but it also provides you major protection which is very important since it applies to our shields too, and it lasts for 10 seconds in total (refreshed on each tick of the heal).

The goal here is to keep using this ultimate as often as possible, it also benefits an ally of ours too. So the build is perfect for a duo setup as well.

Eyes of Mara is a 8 traits set and can be crafted at the Mage’s Guild – Eyevea area.

I am using this set on the following pieces:

  • Chest (reinforced, heavy).
  • Legs (impenetrable, medium).
  • Hands (impenetrable, light).
  • Feet (impenetrable, light).
  • Restoration Staff (defending, reduce target’s weapon & spell damage enchantment).

All gear should add maximum magicka enchantments and you should be hitting 6% undaunted stats with this setup.

One more note

After the Horns of the Reach DLC update, sharpened and defending traits will receive a strong nerf.

But, the decisive trait will receive a slight buff at 40% chance to generate additional ultimate whenever you generate ultimate, for a two-handed weapon.

This trait will be perfect for both of these weapons in the future and you should try and get it as soon as you can. I definitely will.

Skills & Loadout

My Destruction Staff bar has the following skills:

  • Flame Reach, morph of Destructive Touch from the Destruction Staff skill tree.
  • Boundless Storm, morph of Lightning Form from the Storm Calling skill tree.
  • Crystal Fragments, morph of Crystal Shard from the Dark Magic skill tree.
  • Haunting Curse, morph of Daedric Curse from the Daedric Summoning skill tree.
  • Force Pulse, morph of Force Shock from the Destruction Staff skill tree.
  • Shooting Star ultimate, morph of Meteor from the Mages Guild skill tree.

Shooting Star is a great burst ultimate that can do damage, damage over time and provide a bit of maximum magicka and magicka recovery via the magicka controller passive.

But where it mostly shines with this build, is when you hit multiple opponents with it since it also regenerates 12 ultimate at rank 4 for each enemy you hit with the initial blast.

What this means is that, often you will be able to instantly (and more often almost instantly) recharge your restoration staff ultimate and use that one as well. It’s a great synergy between those two for this build.

Flame Reach is good to knock people down and set them up for other dps skills (or push them off cliffs & keeps), but it also has a little bit of damage over time and can proc poisons that help us sustain.

Boundless Storm is our first mobility & durability skill that gives us major resistances and a cool lightning form effect. Very needed to maximize not only mobility, but also durability.

Crystal Fragments should be used only when it procs from other magicka abilities, then set it up with flame reach for a guaranteed hit unless dodged.

Haunting Curse is a good sustainable dps skill that cannot be dodged or blocked.

It also gives us 20% more health & stamina recovery via the daedric protection passive, which is very important since we’re not using tri-stat potions with this setup, and we need all stamina recovery that we can get elsewhere.

Force Pulse is a good sustainable dps skill that can proc status effects and help us keep pressure on our opponents along with light and medium attack weaves.

My Restoration Staff bar has the following skills:

  • Hardened Ward, morph of Conjured Ward from the Daedric Summoning skill tree.
  • Ball of Lightning, morph of Bolt Escape from the Storm Calling skill tree.
  • Daedric Minefield, morph of Daedric Mines from the Dark Magic skill tree.
  • Harness Magicka, morph of Annulment from the Light Armor skill tree.
  • Healing Ward, morph of Steadfast Ward from the Restoration Staff skill tree.
  • Light’s Champion ultimate, morph of Panacea from the Restoration Staff skill tree.

Light’s Champion is the main gimmick that this setup utilizes, and as explained previously, will make you extremely durable.

Ultimate regeneration builds like this one need to have something really great that will benefit them, and in this case, it’s this super-cheap-super-strong combo between this gear & ulty combos such as shooting star & light’s champion.

Hardened Ward is our main defense shield that also gives us the daedric protection passive benefits. Must-have.

Ball of Lightning will increase your mobility, as well as survivability by a huge margin. Also a must-have.

Daedric Minefield can be used at times to keep melee attackers at bay, or in strategic locations where opponents absolutely must go through. Otherwise be careful because it does cost a lot.

Harness Magicka can be used when you’re fighting other magicka opponents, but it’s also good to use it after you use hardened ward and the restoration ultimate, since this will increase it’s durability a lot.

Stacking these two will restore more magicka to you under those circumstances, as well as provide more protection obviously.

Healing Ward is our main recovery spell apart from the ultimate, use it when you’re in trouble and trying to survive. There is no need to use it unless you’re below 80% health.

Consumables & Mundus

This build utilizes the Witchmother’s Potent Brew drink. It adds maximum magicka & health, as well as magicka recovery.

The Atronach mundus stone is used for more magicka recovery and sustain.

I also use the spell power potions for more damage and spell critical, which can also help the resto ultimate to crit more often when it’s ticking.

When you’re fighting magicka & stamina nightblades, use these from your quick slot:

Race & Passives

I am a High Elf but any other magicka race will do, such as Bretons, Dark Elves and even Argonians.

There is no need to be a vampire on this build, but you can be a stage 3 vampire for added undeath damage mitigation when you’re low health.

Just watch yourself against fire damage, destruction fire ultimates and generally magicka dragonknights.

Champion Points

The Tower:

  • Siphoner: 51 points.
  • Warlord: 51 points.

The Lover:

  • Arcanist: 43 points.
  • Mooncalf: 43 points.
  • Tenacity: 12 points.

The Shadow:

  • Tumbling: 10 points.

The Apprentice:

  • Elemental Expert: 29 points.
  • Elfborn: 26 points.
  • Blessed: 10 points.
  • Spell Erosion: 20 points.

The Atronach:

  • Master-at-Arms: 72 points.
  • Shattering Blows: 37 points.

The Ritual:

  • Thaumaturge: 16 points.

The Steed:

  • Ironclad: 72 points.
  • Spell Shield: 10 points.

The Lady:

  • Hardy: 16 points.
  • Elemental Defender: 16 points.
  • Thick Skinned: 24 points.
  • Light Armor Focus: 10 points.

The Lord:

  • Bastion: 61 points.
  • Quick Recovery: 1 point.

Additional Notes

This build was created for the Morrowind update. In the future it might require an update, but until then – check out the builds section for all other builds that I’ve done so far.

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