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Magicka Sorcerer PVE DPS Build – Morrowind

Dungeons, Arenas, Trials and generally all PVE content that I do, I do with this sorcerer build. Lots of damage, great sustain and awesome AOE capabilities. The build focuses on a high maximum magicka pool, as well as spell critical and spell damage.

Weapons & Armor Selection

I am using a double destruction staff setup, and both of my staves are sharpened VMA (Maelstrom) staves.

This is where my single target damaging skills are, and this is a fire staff. It benefits from the 8% more single target damage boost via the destruction staff passive.

I also put damage over time poisons sometimes, to increase single target damage since I don’t need the enchantment (I get it from the back bar) and the spell damage bonus always applies anyway.

My back bar uses the same staff, it’s just a lightning staff.

The reason why this is a lightning staff, is because I’m using a lot of AOE damage over time abilities and I want to proc the concussed status effect, making enemies take 8% more damage, which still applies when I weapon swap to the single target bar.

I also often use lightning heavy attacks when fighting packed mobs, because these attacks are AOE in nature and do a lot of damage in combination with my AOE skills.

They also recharge my magicka a lot so it’s the best way to dispatch lots of mobs at the same time and keep yourself at a high magicka level.

On this bar, I do utilize the enchantment that makes my light and heavy attacks do more damage, and that’s perfect.

Both staves are sharpened and it’s understandable if you don’t have them, a lot of players don’t. In that case, just use any other crafted staves, the differences won’t be huge.

I also use two pieces of the Ilambris monster set.

And this is arguably the best monster set for a PVE magicka sorcerer build. Adds maximum magicka and a nice AOE damage over time effect that is activated pretty much on a cooldown.

You can get Ilambris by doing Crypt of Hearts 1 veteran (head piece), and by turning in keys at Gilirion the Redbeard’s chest, at the undaunted enclave. You need to do daily dungeon pledges to get keys.

Ideally you will get an infused head piece and a divines shoulder.

For maximum undaunted stats, you will want a heavy head piece and a medium shoulder, but any combo is fine as long as you have at least 5 other light armor pieces for maximum bonuses in the light armor skill tree.

The first set that this build employs is the Necropotence set.

Necropotence is an overland Rivenspire set, but you can also buy apparel pieces in guild stores fairly cheap nowadays. It adds a lot of magicka and since I’m using one pet, it benefits me in terms of sustain, damage and defense.

I am using this set on the following pieces:

  • Chest (infused, light).
  • Legs (infused, light).
  • Hands (divines, light).
  • Waist (divines, light).
  • Feet (divines, light).

The second set that I am employing in this setup is the Willpower set.

Willpower can drop as a reward for doing random daily dungeons, it drops in Imperial City vaults as well, and can be bought in guild stores. It adds magicka and spell damage, so that’s great.

If you’re one of those players that do not have trials jewelry with flat damage bonuses, then this will totally do.

I am using this set on the following pieces:

  • Necklace (arcane, spell damage glyph).
  • 2 Rings (arcane, spell damage glyphs).

All gear should add maximum magicka enchantments and generally you will have anywhere between 2% and 6% undaunted stats, depending on whether your monster set pieces are both light, a combination of light and heavy, or ideally both heavy (head) and medium (shoulders).

Skills & Loadout

My Fire Destruction Staff bar has the following skills:

  • Hardened Ward, morph of Conjured Ward from the Daedric Summoning skill tree.
  • Inner Light, morph of Magelight from the Mages Guild skill tree.
  • Crystal Fragments, morph of Crystal Shard from the Dark Magic skill tree.
  • Volatile Familiar, morph of Unstable Familiar from the Daedric Summoning skill tree.
  • Force Pulse, morph of Force Shock from the Destruction Staff skill tree.
  • Shooting Star ultimate, morph of Meteor from the Mages Guild skill tree.

Shooting Star is an awesome ultimate for PVE, because you can regenerate a lot of ultimate points by hitting a lot of targets, and do a lot of initial as well as damage over time. It’s fire damage so it can come in handy in certain content.

Hardened Ward is our main defense, it’s important that this is as big as possible, and thanks to Necropotence and generally this build having a lot of maximum magicka, we can have awesome shielding power, making certain content like Maelstrom arena much easier to do.

Inner Light is here to provide more maximum magicka and a spell critical bonus if we’re using basic magicka potions (which I am most of the time). Since we have two mages guild abilities on our bar, we also get additional 4% maximum magicka and magicka recovery.

Crystal Fragments is our main single target dps skill that does a lot of damage. It’s not required for a single target damaging bar, but it’s certainly very good. Use it when the effect is active and it does more damage, plus can be cast instantly.

Volatile Familiar does single target damage, but it also has an AOE component that you can activate when fighting packs of mobs, it can even stun them on the last hit. Familiar also gives us the Necropotence 5th bonus, making us a lot stronger.

Force Pulse is a filler dps skill that also deals additional damage to targets affected by a elemental status effect, and this will pretty much always happen. I use it mainly to proc crystal fragments and while fighting bosses.

My Lightning Destruction Staff bar has the following skills:

  • Liquid Lightning, morph of Lightning Splash from the Storm Calling skill tree.
  • Elemental Drain, morph of Weakness to Elements from the Destruction Staff skill tree.
  • Power Surge, morph of Surge from the Storm Calling skill tree.
  • Blockade of Storms, morph of Wall of Elements from the Destruction Staff skill tree.
  • Volatile Familiar, morph of Unstable Familiar from the Daedric Summoning skill tree.
  • Energy Overload ultimate, morph of Overload from the Storm Calling skill tree.

Energy Overload has a double purpose. It does nice single target damage and provides a third bar to put additional skills. But, it also restores magicka on each projectile, along with one of our other skills, it can replenish our magicka extremely fast.

On my Overload bar I keep the shield & pet always active, as well as inner light, power surge and streak for mobility. You can also slot the finisher (endless fury or mage’s wrath), that’s fine too.

Liquid Lightning is a filler AOE ability that can inflict the concussed status effect, it can disintegrate low health targets via our storm calling passive, and it provides a synergy to allies as well.

Elemental Drain is here in case that no other group member has it.

There are also talks of it often being bugged and not working for everyone, so apart from providing us with more magicka sustain (300 magicka per second equals 600 additional recovery), it also debuffs spell resistance values of tough mobs and bosses, making them much easier to kill.

Also, when you’re running low on magicka, you can use this along with Energy Overload to amplify the magicka restoration bonus.

Power Surge is our source of additional spell damage, but also a reliable self heal on a cooldown. Must-have.

Blockade of Storms is important because it sets concussed enemies off-balance and then we get another 10% damage bonus from the champion system, along with the 8% from concussion status effect. That’s 18% additional damage.

Not to mention the damage that it does on its own, big range and awesome graphical effect.

Volatile Familiar is repeated so that we never lose the Necropotence 5th bonus. If you slot the pet only on one bar, it will unsummon when you weapon swap and we don’t want that.

Consumables & Mundus

Witchmother’s Potent Brew is the best drink buff to go with, it will give you magicka & health, but also a massive magicka regeneration bonus.

The Thief stone is used for more spell critical.

This is important because you want to do more damage and critically strike all the time, but also help your healing efforts by having the power surge effect on a cooldown at all times while in combat.

This is our only self heal so it’s important that we always have it.

I use Essence of Spell Power potions for demanding content, but quite often I just use basic magicka potions and this is a good thing about the build, it doesn’t cost much to run it at all.

Race & Passives

The best race for a PVE magicka sorcerer build is the High Elf race.

Any other magicka race will do, but if you want more elemental damage and sustain, as well as a higher maximum magicka pool for more damage & shielding power (and sustain), High Elf is the race to go with.

There is no need to be a vampire and I would recommend not to be, since certain PVE content has a lot of fire damage.

Champion Points

The Tower:

  • Warlord: 60 points.

The Lover:

  • Arcanist: 100 points.
  • Tenacity: 50 points.

The Apprentice:

  • Elemental Expert: 51 points.
  • Elfborn: 33 points.

The Atronach:

  • Master-at-Arms: 51 points.

The Ritual:

  • Thaumaturge: 75 points.

The Steed:

  • Ironclad: 72 points.

The Lady:

  • Hardy: 20 points.
  • Elemental Defender: 20 points.
  • Thick Skinned: 16 points.

The Lord:

  • Bastion: 72 points.
  • Quick Recovery: 10 points.

Additional Notes

This build was created for the Morrowind update. In the future it might require an update, but until then – check out the builds section for all other builds that I’ve done so far.

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