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Nightblade Archer Assassin Build – Clockwork City

Nightblade Archer / Assassin build is back and as strong as ever! I have merged the two builds into one, for convenience’s sake, as well as due to the recent game updates that have rendered certain combos (kind of) useless.

Weapons & Armor Selection

We’ve got a double bow setup for maximum efficiency and range.

This is a Battlefield 1 ft. Elder Scrolls Online setup that I’m working on here. 🙂

I’m using one piece of a monster set, for added weapon damage, in this case Velidreth.

Medium divines shoulder (the head is hideous).

The first set that this build employs is the Morag Tong set.

You can buy Morag Tong in guild stores or in Bruma (Cyrodiil) in exchange for Alliance Points.

It adds stamina & weapon damage, and also a nice 10% poison damage bonus, which is pretty much a boost to all of our damage since 99% of it is poison damage.

I am using this set on the following pieces:

  • Chest (divines, medium).
  • Legs (divines, medium).
  • Head (divines, medium).
  • Feet (divines, medium).
  • 2x Bow (sharpened, poison damage enchant / double damage over time poisons preferred).

The second set that I am employing in this setup is the Sheer Venom set.

Sheer Venom drops in Imperial City Prison. It might take you some time to get it, but it’s totally worth it.

This set will amplify one of our damaging skills and pretty much make it hit almost twice as hard.

This is an awesome DPS increase since we’re focusing not only on initial damage, but a lot of damage over time in case that someone does survive the initial onslaught.

I am using this set on the following pieces:

  • Necklace (robust, weapon damage glyph).
  • 2 Rings (robust, weapon damage glyphs).
  • Belt (divines, medium).
  • Hands (divines, medium).

All gear should be medium in divines, and have maximum stamina enchantments. You can also get another 2% undaunted stats with this setup.

Do not forget to level up legerdemain world skill and get another 40% sneak cost reduction, this will really help your overall stamina sustain.

Skills & Loadout

My primary Bow bar has the following skills:

  • Concealed Weapon, morph of Veiled Strike from the Shadow skill tree.
  • Radiant Magelight, morph of Magelight from the Mages Guild skill tree.
  • Poison Injection, morph of Poison Arrow from the Bow skill tree.
  • Camouflaged Hunter, morph of Expert Hunter from the Fighters Guild skill tree.
  • Lethal Arrow, morph of Snipe from the Bow skill tree.
  • Toxic Barrage ultimate, morph of Rapid Fire from the Bow skill tree.

Toxic Barrage has almost a 100k tooltip when fully buffed up, unload it on a target and watch it melt. I generally like to use this after my main sequence of attacks.

Concealed Weapon is here just for the 25% sneak/stealth speed bonus. Never use it, just keep it active on both bars at all times for maximum mobility.

Radiant Magelight will give you the empower buff via the passives, which is 20% more damage on your next attack within 5 seconds. Use it to buff up our hard hitting skill as explained below.

Poison Injection in combination with sheer venom will deal some serious damage over time, increasing exponentially when the target has lower health.

Camouflaged Hunter provides 10% weapon critical, as well as a passive minor berserk bonus when doing critical damage, which is always from an opening stealth attack. This enables us to simplify our rotation and cut out other unnecessary skills.

Lethal Arrow deals massive damage, applies a poisoned status effect (another damage over time) and on top, reduces our target’s healing taken by 46% (thanks to the champion system) for 10 seconds.

The rotation looks like this;

  • Use the potion that I will show you below in the consumables section, it will give you speed, weapon damage and stamina.
  • Empower your first Lethal Arrow, and launch it.
  • Start charging a second one while the first one is traveling. We want to ideally land two in a row, and best scenario will be when they both critically strike, but one is often enough too.
  • Now either do a light or a medium bow attack (the basic one) and a poison injection at the end. If you got the ultimate ready, you can dispatch it after that, but usually your opponent will be dead after this sequence if he didn’t dodge or avoid the attacks quickly.

My secondary Bow bar has the following skills:

  • Concealed Weapon, morph of Veiled Strike from the Shadow skill tree.
  • Arrow Barrage, morph of Volley from the Bow skill tree.
  • Draining Shot, morph of Scatter Shot from the Bow skill tree.
  • Shadowy Disguise, morph of Shadow Cloak from the Shadow skill tree.
  • Retreating Maneuver, morph of Rapid Maneuver from the Alliance War Assault skill tree.
  • Flawless Dawnbreaker ultimate, morph of Dawnbreaker from the Fighters Guild skill tree.

Flawless Dawnbreaker is not required, but it will give us a nice 5% (and additional 3%) weapon damage boost via the passives.

Concealed Weapon is repeated again for maximum stealth speed.

Arrow Barrage is an AOE attack that can sometimes cause enemy players to hesitate to go through it, and therefore deny area access even for a bit. You can replace the following skill with Caltrops for even more AOE denial.

Draining Shot can be used to push opponents away and get a quick heal when trying to escape, if someone gets close to you. Ideally no one will get close to you.

Shadowy Disguise needs to be used when escaping, ideally immediately after finishing your sequence of attacks.

You can also put it on the front bar for easier access, but I’d rather keep concealed weapon to get more speed when traveling around normally.

Retreating Maneuver can be used when traveling around, to conserve potions and retain a speed buff. Practice using this and then immediately shadowy disguise after, while being in sneak mode to cut down on the time needed to go back into stealth.

Consumables & Mundus

The best food/drink buff for this build is the maximum stamina and magicka recovery combo. Candied Jester’s Coins will give you just that.

Max stamina means higher damage, and magicka recovery is the only recovery stat that we are interested in.

The Warrior mundus stone will provide us with a bunch of additional weapon damage, and since we’re in full divines, this means even more.

This is why a nirnhoned trait is also a good choice, but overall sharpened will do more damage to most opponents and is therefore, preferred.

Specialized potions are also used. They provide a long duration speed buff, weapon damage and a bit of stamina.

That’s the only possible combo with speed trait, but pretty much perfect.

Race & Passives

For me, the best race is Bosmer, Wood Elf. Khajiit is my second choice, and all other races after that.

Stage 4 vampirism is absolutely required, to get rid of that sneak speed penalty. Plus, it kinda goes with the theme of the build anyway.

Champion Points

The Tower:

  • Sprinter: 10 points.

The Lover:

  • Arcanist: 100 points.
  • Mooncalf: 20 points.

The Shadow:

  • Befoul: 100 points.

The Atronach:

  • Master-at-Arms: 72 points.

The Ritual:

  • Thaumaturge: 40 points.
  • Piercing: 43 points.
  • Mighty: 75 points.

The Steed:

  • Ironclad: 72 points.
  • Spell Shield: 10 points.
  • Medium Armor Focus: 10 points.
  • Resistant: 1 point.

The Lady:

  • Hardy: 43 points.
  • Elemental Defender: 43 points.
  • Thick Skinned: 51 points.

Additional Notes

This build was created for the Clockwork City update. In the future it might require an update, but until then – check out the builds section for all other builds that I’ve done so far.

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