Extremely tanky and sustainable stamina dragonknight build with powerful damage output. This setup utilizes a two handed primary weapon and a sword & shield off bar for more durability in big battles.

Weapons & Armor Selection

My primary weapon is the two handed maelstrom greatsword.

You can get this weapon by completing veteran maelstrom arena and it will help with your dps and general stats a bit. More weapon damage, as well as additional damage over time component on your gap closer.

My sword & shield off bar has the following 2x gear:

This is not required, it’s just left-over gear that I had previously upgraded to legendary quality. Histbark also goes nice with my race, Argonian. 🙂

Any 2x bonus set will be alright, extra physical resistance is a nice bonus too. I’m using it on the following slots:

  • Sword (defending, increase weapon & spell damage glyph).
  • Shield (sturdy, maximum stamina enchantment).

The first set that this build employs is the Ravager set.

Ravager drops in Cyrodiil (Vlastarus town) but can also be bought in guild stores often, that’s how I got it. Elite gear vendors sell it in the offensive heavy armor boxes but I would suggest that you buy it in the town preferably, if you can’t find it in guild stores.

I am using this set on the following pieces:

  • Chest (reinforced, heavy).
  • Legs (reinforced, heavy).
  • Head (impenetrable, heavy).
  • Shoulders (impenetrable, heavy).
  • Feet (impenetrable, heavy).

The second set that I am employing in this setup is the Hulking Draugr set.

You can get Hulking Draugr by doing veteran Direfrost Keep dungeon (recommended for purple jewelry). This set simply adds stamina, but a lot of it. It will help you with damage, sustain and healing.

I am using this set on the following pieces:

  • Waist (impenetrable, medium).
  • Hands (impenetrable, medium).
  • Necklace (robust, weapon damage glyph).
  • 2 Rings (robust, weapon damage glyph).

Go with tri-stat glyphs for big pieces of gear, and stamina enchantments for small ones. You should be getting 4% undaunted stats via this setup.

Skills & Loadout

My Two Handed bar has the following skills:

  • Stampede, morph of Critical Charge from the Two Handed skill tree.
  • Venomous Claw, morph of Searing Strike from the Ardent Flame skill tree.
  • Dizzying Swing, morph of Uppercut from the Two Handed skill tree.
  • Noxious Breath, morph of Fiery Breath from the Ardent Flame skill tree.
  • Rally, morph of Momentum from the Two Handed skill tree.
  • Dawnbreaker of Smiting ultimate, morph of Dawnbreaker from the Fighters Guild skill tree.

Dawnbreaker of Smiting is a high damaging AOE ultimate with an initial hit as well as a damage over time component. It also does 20% more damage to undead and werewolf targets, so that’s great (you need to unlock the fighters guild passive though).

It can also go through stealth & invisibility if you want to pull players out with it.

Stampede is a gap closer, very needed in PVP. It also snares opponents, and it inflicts a damage over time effect because of our vma greatsword.

Venomous Claw is a pure damage skill, it deals poison damage so it can proc the poisoned status effect, which is another damage over time effect. It increases in damage over time, and it also deals initial damage. Keep this active on your opponent at all times.

Dizzying Swing is a massive single target damage skill that also knocks back and stuns your opponent. Try and land this when you’re close to full health so you won’t be countered with something else and potentially killed.

Noxious Breath is another damage over time effect that deals both initial as well as delayed damage, but it also inflicts a major debuff, increasing your overall damage by quite a lot. Also always keep this active on your opponent.

Rally gives us major weapon damage buff, as well as healing over time and a burst heal when it expires, depending on how long it was active. Must-have ability on a two handed build.

My Sword & Shield bar has the following skills:

  • Igneous Shield, morph of Obsidian Shield from the Earthen Heart skill tree.
  • Shuffle, morph of Evasion from the Medium Armor skill tree.
  • Volatile Armor, morph of Spiked Armor from the Draconic Power skill tree.
  • Resolving Vigor, morph of Vigor from the Alliance War Assault skill tree.
  • Reverberating Bash, morph of Power Bash from the One Handed & Shield skill tree.
  • Spell Wall ultimate, morph of Shield Wall from the One Handed & Shield skill tree.

Spell Wall is an incredibly useful ultimate in PVP, it makes you block at no cost so you can recharge your stamina, reflects all projectiles and generally makes you extremely tanky for its duration.

Igneous Shield gives us major mending which gives us 25% increased healing done, which is very important. It also returns some stamina via the helping hands passive in the earthen heart skill tree.

Shuffle gives us 15% dodge chance, as well as a short immunity to snares and immobilizations, plus a full removal in case that we have any at the moment.

Volatile Armor provides major resistances, releases AOE damage over time, can take players out of stealth and returns a bit of magic damage to melee attackers. But it also gives you the burning heart passive, more healing taken while a draconic power ability is active. A must-have ability.

Resolving Vigor is our main self-heal, it’s important that it has a high tooltip and critically strikes often for more healing.

Reverberating Bash is an instant crowd control ability that stuns and inflicts a major defile debuff, 30% less healing taken for our opponent. Very important and useful against anyone that cannot get rid of this debuff. It also does damage.

Consumables & Mundus

I am using the Dubious Camoran Throne drink buff, which gives me maximum stamina & health, as well as stamina recovery.

The Serpent mundus stone is used for more stamina recovery.

I am also using the Essence of Weapon Crit potions.

They give me health & stamina management, but also an additional 10% weapon critical rating.

Race & Passives

I am an Argonian and this makes me more tanky and my healing is stronger. But any stamina race will do, Orcs, Redguards, Imperials, Khajiits, Bosmers and Nords.

I am a stage 3 vampire and this gives me more magicka & stamina recovery, as well as the undeath passive which reduces damage taken the lower your health is. No need for stage 4 since I don’t sneak around with this setup.

Champion Points

The Tower:

  • Magician: 10 points.
  • Warlord: 62 points.
  • Bashing Focus: 1 point.

The Lover:

  • Tenacity: 1 point.
  • Mooncalf: 60 points.

The Shadow:

  • Tumbling: 39 points.
  • Shadow Ward: 27 points.

The Apprentice:

  • Blessed: 100 points.

The Ritual:

  • Mighty: 100 points.

The Steed:

  • Resistant: 10 points.

The Lady:

  • Hardy: 78 points.
  • Elemental Defender: 78 points.
  • Thick Skinned: 24 points.

The Lord:

  • Quick Recovery: 10 points.

Additional Notes

This build was created for the Homestead update. In the Morrowind update it will require a potentially different load-out, gear and champion points allocation, as well as more sustain in general.

I do plan to update it, so check out the builds section for all up to date ESO builds for Morrowind and beyond. 🙂

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