How to Become a Better PVP Player in Elder Scrolls Online


I was always primarily a PVP player. Even though I’m no longer playing ESO, I have compiled this playlist with some of my PVP adventures for you to enjoy and review.

You can learn a lot by watching good PVP players play, and so hopefully in addition to being entertained, you’ll finish this playlist with a bit of extra knowledge too.

Pay attention to combos, animation canceling and movement. This helps with your overall gameplay, regardless of what build you’re playing.

If I had to give you just one tip to make you a really good PVP’er, I would say just keep going at it and don’t be afraid to change things around and experiment with different builds.

If you’re persistent and you’re practicing all the time, you’ll get there. 

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  • Thanks alot alex 🙂
    I hope you reconsider and still pop onto eso still from time to time buddy
    I’m really glad you did this pvp compilation because I wonder why I can’t do not damage and die within half a second haha
    Best wishes

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