How To Pick The Best Class in Elder Scrolls Online


Picking the right class for your character is probably the most important thing to do. Knowing how each class plays and what it’s (usually) meant for will help you make this decision. You do not want to pick the wrong class, start leveling and realize it’s not what you wanted.

All classes can perform all roles, whether it’s dealing damage, absorbing damage, healing or anything in between. Some are better at certain roles than others, and all of them have their unique look & feel while you’re playing them. Let’s take a look at each class in ESO as of now, and see what its strengths and weaknesses are.


These guys make the best tanks hands down. They also have very good damage output, both as magically and physically oriented characters. To summarize Dragonknights:

  • Best tanks.
  • Great melee stamina damage dealers.
  • Great melee magicka (fire based) damage dealers.
  • Decent ranged fire mages.
  • Bad healers but good self healing options.
  • Somewhat bad ranged physical damage dealers.
  • No mobility options, often vampires because of this.

Pick the Dragonknight class if you want to play a tank, a poison themed physical damage dealer, or a magic themed fire mage that can fight at range as well as melee.


Templars are arguably the best healers in the game and very good damage dealers. To summarize Templars:

  • Best healers.
  • Great melee magicka damage dealers.
  • Somewhat decent ranged magicka damage dealers (it can work).
  • Great melee stamina damage dealers.
  • Good tanks.
  • Somewhat bad ranged physical damage dealers.
  • No mobility options, often vampires because of this.

Pick the Templar class if you want to play a paladin, a healer or a divine oriented damage dealer.


Nightblades are the most stealthy class in ESO. They can vanish in plain sight, come out of nowhere and do a crazy amount of damage. They’re very damage oriented. To summarize Nightblades:

  • Decent tanks & healers if they really need to be.
  • Great melee physical damage dealers (probably the best).
  • Great ranged physical damage dealers (probably the best).
  • Good melee magicka damage dealers (need improvements but can still compete with other classes).
  • Great ranged magicka damage dealers (most buffs & debuffs and generally very annoying to fight).
  • Great mobility options, only class that can ‘vanish’ or go into stealth at will (costs magicka).

Pick the Nightblade class if you want to play an archer, an assassin, a ranged/melee magicka (or stamina) damage dealer or anything else that focuses on damage and a lot of buffs and debuffs.


Sorcerers are primarily ranged magic damage dealers, but nowadays a lot of players are playing them as melee stamina damage dealers as well. Usually they’re not very common as tanks and healers but sometimes you might encounter a Sorcerer healer as well. To summarize Sorcerers:

  • Great ranged magic damage dealers.
  • Bad melee magic damage dealers.
  • Great melee physical damage dealers.
  • Somewhat bad ranged physical damage dealers.
  • Decent tanks & healers if they need to be.
  • Great mobility options (the only class with a continuous ‘teleport’ skill that also has other utilities).

Pick the Sorcerer class if you want to play a ranged magicka damage dealer that has a little bit of a different playstyle than Nightblade and has access to things like silence, pet summoning and a strong class shield ability.


Wardens focus on nature magic, animal companions and frost. They make good damage dealers of any kind and very good healers or tanks. To summarize Wardens:

  • Very good damage dealers, both physical and magical.
  • Great healers.
  • Good tanks.
  • Awesome support skills and buffs, very useful in group play, especially player versus player content.
  • Bad mobility options.

Pick the Warden class if you like healing and providing support options to your allies (not exactly the same as Templars) but also want a character that’s themed after nature, frost and animals.

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