My Favorite Addons – 2017 Guide – Elder Scrolls Online


If you’re playing ESO on the PC/Mac platform, then you know that add-ons can be extremely useful in certain situations. From combat add-ons, all the way to crafting and utility, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re on consoles, then I am truly sorry, but what you lack in add-ons, you make up in convenience by playing from the couch. 🙂

The following add-ons are the ones that I personally use, I will explain what each of them does and how it helps my gaming experience in ESO.

Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Creator

This add-on helps me do crafting writs automatically. It picks up stuff from my bank for the consumable writs, it crafts automatically for all other professions, and is generally very helpful with a lot of small options to customize the whole experience, and speed things up considerably.

Check out my daily crafting writs gold guide if you’d like to get started with this.

You can get it here.

God Send

This is a small mailing add-on that lets me send mass mails to guildies, or other managers in my guild.

You can select a rank, or send to everyone, whether it’s a news mail, notifications of any kind, letting players know about events and so on.

Just make sure you’re not sending mails to guilds that you’re not running or have permission from the guild master, it can get you banned, and there were cases of even guildmasters getting socially banned for some time, although it never happened to me, I don’t use it that often. 🙂

You can get it here.

Lore Books

I only use this add-on when I want to level up the mages guild skill tree on an alternate character.

It simply displays lore books on the map so that you can easily find and collect them.

You can get it here.

Lost Treasure

This is a cool add-on that displays locations on the map for all treasure maps in your inventory, as well as survey maps that you sometimes get as rewards for doing crafting writs.

If I’m going to farm an overland set and buy a lot of treasure maps, then it comes in handy.

Whenever I’m collecting survey maps (very often), it comes in handy as well.

You can get it here.

Master Merchant

This is the ‘ultimate’ trading add-on for ESO, with tons of options and little features that would require a whole separate guide to properly cover.

It can track sales, show you all kinds of data and notifications, and sometimes I might even check to see what’s popular and selling at the moment etc.

It’s a big add-on and I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to make more gold in ESO.

You can get it here.

Mitigation Percent

This add-on displays ‘percents – %’ next to values such as armor, spell resistance etc. and it also displays your character’s spell & physical penetration values.

I just use the default settings, there’s a couple of more settings that I didn’t play with and don’t really need to.

If you want more detailed statistics on the character sheet, there are other add-ons, I just don’t feel like I really need them and prefer to keep my UI as clean as possible.

You can get it here.

Multi Craft

This add-on crafts automatically, whatever it is that you need crafted.

For me personally, I use it sometimes when crafting multiple enchantments of the same type, or most often – when I’m crafting potions.

Instead of sitting there for 5 minutes pressing a button over and over, you just press it enough times in advance and the add-on takes care of everything else. It also works with other crafting professions, in case that you need to craft multiple copies of anything.

You can get it here.

Potion Maker

This is one of the most useful add-ons in my opinion, at least for me.

It doesn’t just let you select different reagent traits, or search for different potions & poisons, it also lets you save your favorites, or find automatically the ones that you need for either daily crafting writs, or master alchemy writs.

It works with both potions and poisons, and I also used it to level up alchemy (and discover all traits) for all of my alternate characters.

It’s an extremely useful add-on, when needed.

You can get it here.


Roomba simply stacks items in the guild bank. It withdraws items automatically to your inventory, then stacks them, and then it deposits them back. If there’s nothing to stack, it doesn’t do anything.

There are more options (that I didn’t explore yet), and it also ignores items that were already in your inventory, so you won’t deposit anything that you need accidentally.

You can get it here.


Whenever I need to collect skyshards on any of my characters, this comes in handy.

It displays them on the map, gives you information about whether it’s in a delve or not, and so on.

Nothing much else to say, except that it’s extremely useful. You can also customize options a bit, toggle things on and off etc.

You can get it here.

Slightly Improved Experience Bar

I only use this one when I’m leveling a new character, otherwise it stays disabled on all characters that are max level.

It improves your experience bar a little bit, displays the percent values and lets you check things quickly while leveling, how much until the next level etc.

It’s not required by any means, but can come in handy and save you some time reviewing things.

You can get it here.

Trait Buddy

This is an extremely useful crafting add-on that keeps track of traits and motifs for all of your characters.

You can see exactly what’s being researched, how long until it’s done, which characters know which traits and motifs, as well as additional information about style stones, trait stones and what not.

Well worth exploring if you’re getting into crafting or trying to keep track of anything crafting related.

You can get it here.

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