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Werewolf Guide – Pros & Cons – Quick Basic Theorycrafting

Being a Werewolf in ESO can be fun and rewarding. However, your success with this will totally depend on your build and all those little details that go into it. I will do my best to show you a couple of tips & tricks that will help you with this.


In PVE, being a werewolf is usually not a good idea.

In PVP it can definitely work if you know what you’re doing, and although it will require you to learn a whole new different playstyle, it will definitely be worth it.

In other words, you will have a lot of fun, especially since there aren’t many of them around.

Also, other players will be very surprised to see a werewolf pouncing on them, often not being able to deal with it.

So, in short, avoid being a werewolf in PVE, but do give it a go in PVP.

Strengths & Weaknesses

In human form there aren’t any weaknesses. In werewolf form you will take increased poison damage, which can be tricky in certain situations, but nothing game breaking.

You also need to watch out for fighters guild abilities, mainly the ultimate.

Dawnbreaker ultimate can hurt werewolves if the caster is a high damaging character and they have the passive that gives them additional 20% damage to undead and werewolves.

Other than that, you’re good to go.

Medium or Heavy Armor

Your armor type matters.

In heavy armor you will generally have more resources, including magicka, but in medium armor you will be more deadly and do more damage.

Generally speaking, 5 pieces of heavy armor and 2 pieces of medium is a good balanced approach, but you can also go in reverse and use mostly medium with a little bit of heavy, mainly your two biggest apparel pieces, chest & legs.

In this current state of the game, if you are playing with a group, you can go mostly medium and focus more on damage, and if you’re a solo player, stick with mostly heavy armor.

Werewolves also have an increased stamina return from heavy attacks, which goes nicely with heavy armor bonuses towards this. You can also bump it up even further in the champion system so there will be no stamina issues, 99% of the time.

One heavy attack will literally replenish most of your stamina bar.

Another good thing about heavy armor, is that you will have more magicka generally, and this brings us to the next section.

Magicka Management & Healing

Werewolf healing depends on magicka. You need to have decent magicka recovery, especially if you’re playing solo and can’t get heals elsewhere.

This is why heavy armor can be advantageous, providing you a bit more magicka via the constitution passive (when you get hit, you regenerate a bit of stats).

Also, another great tip is to focus on food & drink buffs that add magicka recovery, and I would go as far to say that this is required if you want to have a 100% reliable healing uptime.

You can still get away with a buff that adds stamina recovery and max hp/stam, by using magicka recovery glyphs or cost reduction on your (for example) necklace, or by using something like The Atronach stone along with a good sustain heavy armor set.

But, in order to always have access to your heal, a food/drink buff that adds magicka recovery can really help.

Good Sets & Builds

There are a few possible build combinations that can work well, and you generally always want to use the Savior’s Hide set if you want to spend as much time in werewolf form as possible.

This set will reduce the cost of your transformation by 33%, but also give you extra stamina and recovery on top of another weapon damage boost while in werewolf form.

I would put this set on my jewelry slots as well as two small apparel pieces like hands & waist, both impenetrable for PVP.

Then, I would use a good heavy armor sustain set (for example Blackrose) and possibly get the legendary food buff that adds maximum health and all 3 recoveries.

Alternatively, a buff that adds max stam/hp and stamina recovery, but go with something like The Atronach mundus stone for more magicka management.

This would take care of all recoveries for sure, and you’d get almost 300 weapon damage from these two sets combined.

So Should I Be a Werewolf?

Only if you enjoy playing as a furry dog and would like to try something new. 🙂
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