Back in 2011 when Skyrim came out, I was blown away. I finally got it sometime during 2013 and I lost myself in it completely.

After I’ve gone through most of the content, news of The Elder Scrolls Online started popping out and of course, I was immediately hooked.

ESO never really turned out to be exactly what I thought it would be, but it was good nevertheless.

Tons of issues but tons of fun too.

Then I remembered Skyrim SE.

They’ve mentioned updated graphics, better stability, all DLCs included and what not.

At first it totally seemed like a cash grab to me, but then I realized that something might be going on here after all.

I discovered (the now) large and mature modding community and realized that I could put myself in the shoes of the creative director (so to speak) and make my own version of the game, one that would be 100% custom tailored to my taste.

Long story short, I did it and it works! So here’s a little trailer video for you above to enjoy. 🙂

January 2018 will be Skyrim’s month, expect to see dozens and dozens of showcasing videos, tutorials and comparisons.

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