Welcome adventurer. My name is Alex (@LegendaryMage) and I play MMOs, RPGs and Digital Strategy Card games. I love making new friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

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15 Time Saving Tips & Tricks for New Players in No Man’s Sky


Playing the game at a faster pace by developing good practices and getting used to them is a guaranteed way to not only save time, but also enjoy a smoother gameplay experience. Once you incorporate the following 15 tips & tricks, you will no doubt improve your gameplay and enjoy the game more. Saving time is important. In this guide I am going to give you some really simple, as well as more...

Skyrim SE vs LE – Which Skyrim Version Should You Get?


This question has been asked so many times and yet rarely will you see a comprehensive and thorough explanation between all the different versions of Skyrim that there are today. In the video above I will talk you through the differences, but in case that you prefer to read at your own pace here is a written guide as well. It’s not that there are a dozen Skyrim editions or so, it’s...

How to Get 100% More Master Writs in Elder Scrolls Online


Master Writs are special quests that crafters occasionally get for completing crafting dailies. The writ vouchers currency is one of the most valuable currencies in ESO. The amount of vouchers a quest gives is totally random, however the drop rate can be influenced. The best way to dramatically increase the drop rate is to simply do crafting dailies with as many characters as you can. This will...

What is Oblivion Damage in Elder Scrolls Online


Oblivion damage in ESO is a specific weapon enchantment effect that deals unresistable, unblockable and almost unavoidable type of damage. It’s one of the most potent enchantments for your weapon. Following the Horns of the Reach DLC, this enchantment will prove to be very problematic in PVP not only because of how it works on its own, but also because of how weapon traits in general are...

How to Get ALL Motifs & Crafting Styles in Elder Scrolls Online


This guide will teach you how to get (at the time of writing) ALL motifs in Elder Scrolls Online. Some of them are very easy to get, some are not. But remember, you can (almost) always buy eso motifs in guild stores in case that you don’t have access to a certain DLC zone or do not want to spend time farming them. Exceptions Only crown store exclusive motifs cannot be posted to guild...

How to Farm Gold Fast in Elder Scrolls Online


This is my personal method of making sustainable income in ESO, without investing too much time or effort into it. It’s really easy and anyone can do it. I would like to say a big thank you to my friend Diana for convincing me to go with this method. I did consider it in the past but never really got to it, so thanks to her, I’ve been richer for quite a few millions. ๐Ÿ™‚ Straight up...

How to Farm Tempering Alloy, Rosin & Dreugh Wax in Elder Scrolls Online


Weapons & Armor improvement materials have been the guaranteed best sellers in ESO’s economy for years, and by the looks of it, pretty much always will be. This is for a good reason. They’re not as easy to get and they’re always needed. The method that I will show you depends on my overall gold making method and is more than enough to sustain my not so good habit of often...

How to Farm Overland Sets & Treasure Maps in Elder Scrolls Online


If you need to farm overland sets but you don’t have time to go around and kill hundreds of world bosses, or spend days in delves, this is for you. Waiting for bosses to re-spawn, not getting the loot that you need and generally not being able to do certain bosses in an efficient way is painful. There is an alternative, and that alternative is – treasure maps. Treasure maps exist for...


Welcome adventurer. My name is Alex and I play MMOs, RPGs and Digital Strategy Card games. I love making new friends. :)

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