The 20 Best Blade and Sorcery Mods for U11

With the revolutionary sandbox arenas that Blade and Sorcery brought to VR gaming, it is no surprise that it has become one of the most frequently modded games out there. While this amount of mods has provided players with a wide selection of options, it has also made choosing the best ones for you much more difficult.

This list of the best Blade and Sorcery mods for Update 11 should give you a good starting point to mod your game with new spells, weapon packs, and gameplay features.

The Outer Rim

the outer rim mod

The Outer Rim is one of the best star wars mods available for Blade and Sorcery right now. It adds a ton of new weapons like lightsabers and functional blasters from its fictional universe. It also gives players the option to trigger ‘The force’.

With the addition of hundreds of new items along with new maps and NPCs, the outer rim mod might be worth a shot, especially if you are a fan of Star Wars.

Trials of the Shinobi

If you ever wanted to feel like a character in the Naruto anime, this might be the mod for you. Trials of the Shinobi transforms the environment of Blade and Sorcery to mirror that of the show.

You will have access to popular Ninjutsu like Rasengan and Chidori through your spell selection menu, making it a truly immersive experience. You will also be able to use various weapons featured in the show such as Hidan’s Tripple-Bladed Scythe, the Kunai, and more.

Bloodborne – Hunters Arsenal

bloodborne - hunters arsenal mod

Bloodborne is known for its unique weapons and you can now use them in Blade and Sorcery. This mod gives you access to a lot of the equipment used by the Hunters of Yharnam through the game’s VR perspective.

You can use famous weapons like Hunter Axe and Ludwig’s Holy blade in addition to a ton of other melee equipment and firearms.

Spider U11 (Mana Webs)

Playing as Spiderman in VR might be one of the most fun things to do in Blade and Sorcery. In addition to the roleplay opportunities that it provides, this mod lets you use a web-slinging spell to throw sticky webs at people and environmental objects to tie them together.

Mine and Sorcery

mine and sorcery mod

If slaying creepers and zombies with your Minecraft equipment was not satisfying enough, you can now use it to take out your enemies in VR with this Blade and Sorcery mod.

You will have access to Bows, TNT, and other items from Minecraft that you can use in battle. You also can use the pickaxe that this mod adds to climb walls in arenas.

Fast Weapon Handling

While the realistic physics of weapons in Blade and Sorcery may make the game feel more life-like, it also lowers the ceiling on how cool swinging these weapons can feel. The Fast Weapon Handling mod decreases the weight of your weapons to unlock much more fluid movements.

With the lower weapon weight, you can swing weapons much more easily than you previously could. You will also be able to swing two-handed weapons with one hand, opening a whole new way to use them.

Spell Wheel Enhancer

Spell Wheel Enhancer mod

The spell wheel in Blade and Nomad is handy but limited in its storage and details. The Spell Wheel Enhancer mod for U11 improves the quality of the wheel by giving it more space for new spells. This is especially useful for all the new spells that mods add to the game.

The Spell Wheel Enhancer also lets you view the names of spells while hovering over them. This can be turned on and off by altering the font size through the text in a file.

Medieval MegaPack (MMP)

The medieval Megapack is one of the biggest weapon mods in Blade and Sorcery Nomad right now. It adds over 300 medieval weapons to the game, allowing NPCs to spawn with them. 

The mod places a big focus on historical accuracy. The weapons added through this mod even go as far as to have custom grip points so they feel realistic when used.

Fisher’s Elemental Firearms and NPC Gun Waves 

If your choice of weapons is more in tune with modern firearms that have elemental aesthetics instead of regular old medieval equipment, this might be the right mod for you. It lets you imbue your weapon with elemental energy and use your spell menu to pick from a range of weapon damage types like burst, Semi-Automatic, and Automatic guns.

Fisher’s Modular Pistols

This is another great mod by Swordfisherl42 that adds fun-to-use weapons to Blade and Sorcery. The guns introduced through this mod can be set to be manually reloaded and have their magazine ejected with a button. This little change adds a new layer of realism to the VR gameplay.

Fisher’s Modular Pistols has a ton of additional features that did not exist in the original game and will require the ‘Modular Firearms Framework’ mod to work as intended. 

Spectral Armory

Spectral Armory mod

If you enjoy using conjured weapons in games like Skyrim, you will love this one. 

The Spectral Armory mod adds a new spell to the game that lets you summon seemingly incorporeal weapons in your hand.

Using this spell, you will be able to conjure longswords, Shields, bows, and other weapons you can find in the mod’s description.

Retractable Claws

This mod adds Wolverine-like metal claws to the game. Just as with the mutant’s Adamantium claw, these retract and extend to pierce and cut through your enemies.

This is a simple mod that adds one feature to the game and does it very well.

Infinite Bag of Random Weapons

infinite bag of random weapons mod

If you want to add a bit of chaos to Blade and Sorcery, this weapon randomizer might be the mod for you. Reaching into the bag added by this patch gives you a randomly picked weapon from those in your storage. 

Whether you get the perfect weapon for your encounter or one that puts you in a difficult position, the new layer of chance is sure to provide you with a whole new experience.

Blood Spell

The Bloodspell mod adds a set of choose-you-own-adventure quests with different abilities as rewards depending on the side you pick. Going down the Dark Blood Magic route gives you access to damage-focused spells while the Light Blood Magic questline lets you have more defensive spells.

Time Stop Spell

Time Stop Spell mod

Stopping time has always been one of the most remarkable powers in all forms of media. The time-stop spell added by this mod gives you this power by letting you freeze the movement of every object and person around you like you have frozen time.

This can provide you with a lot of fun moments like suspending multiple weapons in the air and letting them all simultaneously move towards your enemies when you unpause time like the famous Quicksilver scene.

Sunlight Spear Spell 

As the mod’s name suggests, it adds a new spell to Blade and Sorcery that lets you create a Sunlight that you can launch at your enemies. Throwing this spear at your enemies directly will deal damage to them while tossing it at the ground near them can send them flying back.

Ice Spell

ice spell mod

If you have ever wanted to feel like an ice mage with powers of frost, this might be an interesting mod to try out. It gives you frost-themed abilities like shooting ice beams, firing ice spikes, and imbuing your weapons in frost.

The Ice Spell mod adds a leveling system to the game that works with its newly added spells. Instead of having all your abilities unlocked at the start of the fight, it lets you earn experience with tasks like achieving headshots to level up and unlock them yourself. 

Mystic Hands 2 

The Mystic Hands mod adds a pair of spectral hands to Blade and Sorcery that use Valve’s five-finger tracking index controller for a ton of functionality. You can use these new hands to punch, shove and throw enemies. 

The mod also lets you switch between hands and claws, giving you the ability to grip and climb various surfaces. 

NPC Spawner Spell 3.0 (U11)

NPC Spawner Spell 3.0 (U11) mod

There isn’t much of a point to all the new spell mods without having the right enemies to try them on. The NPC Spawner spell lets you conjure a bunch of enemies you can spar with and test all your new powers on. 

The spell adds a bunch of randomly chosen enemies by default. Changing a few options in the book menu lets you specify the health and quantity of the enemies summoned.

Do you agree with this list mods Blade and Sorcery mods? Do you have any other favorite mods? Let us know in the comment section below.

Berserk Rage Spell

While calmly slashing through your enemies can be fun, doing it while seemingly going berserk brings a whole new level of excitement to the game.

This mod changes the color of your vision and adds a little bit of distortion to you an illusion of rage. It even lets you alter the difficulty of dismemberment in the game to give a sense of heightened strength.

Blade and Sorcery can be fun as it is. However, adding a few mods to it can drastically enhance your experience with it. The list of best Blade and Sorcery mods should provide you with recommendations to keep you busy for a while with mods ranging from weapon packs to whole new game mechanics.

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