The 30+ Best Fallout 4 Mods You Must Try Today

With over 40 thousand mods available for Fallout 4, it is no surprise that picking the right ones for you would be a confusing task. These mods alter various aspects of the game and might not suit everybody’s taste.

This list of some of the best Fallout 4 mods available right now should help you shortlist the mods available so you can decide which ones you will want to use during your next playthrough.

Fallout 4 by Bethesda games was released in 2015 and is still one of the most modded games in the series. With new features like settlement building, Fallout 4 instantly became a popular title in the community.

A few of the Bethesda mods can be downloaded directly from the ‘mods’ option in the main menu. However, if you want access to a larger selection of mods, you will have to find them on the Nexus mods website.

Fallout 4 mods

Fallout 4 Essentials

Before you get into the mods that alter specific areas game, you might want to look into these additions that can drastically improve the time you will have modding Fallout 4.

These applications and mods are necessary requirements for a lot of the mods you may want to use.

Mod Managers

While you can download a few good mods directly from the game, most of the mods on this list are available exclusively through the nexus mods website. These mods require mod loaders that can integrate them into the game so they can be recognized and can function as intended.

Vortex and Mod organizer 2 are two of the more popular mod managers that you can use to install mods you download for fallout 4. Each of them have their pros and cons so make sure to find the software that works best for you before you start modding the game.

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

While playing Fallout 4 is a fun time, for the most part, it is hard to deny the number of bugs that you will across. The addition of mods to the game only increases the complications that exist, often making it difficult to get through the game without having to restart it every now and then.

The Unofficial Fallout 4 patch fixes a lot of the game-breaking bugs so you can have a better time exploring this wasteland and feel more comfortable playing around with new mods.

This might be one of the best fallout 4 mods that you can start with.

Mod configuration menu

MCM (Accessible through the game’s pause menu) gives you access to various mod configuration options that others would otherwise not be visible.

A lot of the Fallout 4 mods that you will come across will have unique customization options. MCM for Fallout 4 gives these mods a space to display these options so you can alter them as you see fit.

It also provides mods with additional functionality like the ability to set actions tied to hotkeys.

Fallout 4 Armor Mods

The Fallout series is well known for its immersive equipment and Fallout 4 is no exception. The game features amazing sets of armor that feel true to the game and are always a delight to be found. All this potential seen through them can often make you want a few more of these wearables.

These are some of the best fallout 4 mods that add cool new armor sets to the game and even help you alter the way you wear existing ones.

Armorsmith Extended

Armorsmith Extended

Armorsmith extended is one of the most popular armor mods available for Fallout 4 for a good reason; it brings a much-needed overhaul to the way armors work.

The mod is packed with a ton of features such as giving characters the ability to wear multiple layers of clothing wherever possible and making all clothing moddable. If you love experimenting with clothing equipment in Fallout 4, this is a mod you need to try out.

Eli’s Armor Compendium

This mod introduces an extensive variety of new armor to Fallout 4.

While Fallout 4 as it is includes more than a decent amount of usable armor, more of it is always appreciated. Eli’s Armor Compendium adds 50 new armor along with 20 unique pieces of accessories that feel incredibly immersive.

The mod introduces you to a new trader NPC named Eli who will give you access to the new selection of armor that this mod brings to the game.

Courser X-92 Power Suit CBBE and PipBoy (Pip-Boy)

While most mods on this list focus on providing players with immersive lore-friendly armor sets, this one shakes things up and gives you an incredibly cool-looking power suit with a new Pip-Boy instead.

The courser X-92 mod focuses on quality over quantity with a new futuristic power suit that may not fit in with the post-apocalyptic experience the game tries to give you but still looks stunning. The suit also comes with a futuristic pip-boy. that matches the white armor.

The power suit is also a decent alternative to power armor. Instead of having to move around in the chunky suit, you can craft special fusion cores that can be consumed to gain similar stat bumps to using a power armor.

CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics

CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics

If you like armor with extensive upgrading capabilities, this is a great mod for you.

Cross Pre-War Cybernetics adds a new cybernetic workbench to the game that can be used to create new types of armor pieces. These pieces can then be customized and upgraded with their required resources.

The alteration options affect the visual aspects and power levels of armor pieces. Lower tiers of these upgrades are fairly easy to acquire. However, the scarcity of the resources required to upgrade these items will gradually set in.

Custom Combat Armor

Instead of adding new armor sets, this mod lets you alter the visual aspect of the ones that already exist in Fallout 4.

The Custom Combat armor mod lets you use the armor crafting table to change the way your armor looks by changing the colors of armor pieces. You can mix the new paint options with new patterns to form a ton of new combinations so you never again get bored with the way it looks.

Fallout 4 Gameplay Mods

Not many RPG games offer the extensive amount of gameplay features and systems that Fallout 4 does. While a lot of these additions work well, a few of have can feel like they left some room for improvement.

The following mods enhance the game by either adding new gameplay features or altering existing ones to give Fallout 4 fun, quality-of-life improvements.

Start Me Up – Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul

If you have played an alternate life mod in other games like Skyrim, You probably understand what a ‘game-changer’ this can be.

‘Start me up’ lets you begin your adventure as a different character from the one that the base game requires you to. You start off in a different location by picking your special stats, traits, and a little bit of information about what your backstory is like.

No Negative Affinity and No Affinity Cooldown

Replayed runs of Fallot 4 can make managing affinity feel like an unnecessary hassle if you aren’t a huge fan of the system. This mod lets you avoid a lot of the troubles that come with managing relationships.

You are given a ton of choices of variation with regards to how you want affinity to be managed through this mod. You can pick from options that range from eliminating negative affinity to not even having to build any positive affinity depending on what you choose. You can even alter the affinity cooldown to your preferred amount.

More Armor Slots

More Armor Slots

This is a simple mod that lets you wear individual pieces of armor over outfits that take up all the available slots.

Certain pieces of clothing in Fallout 4 like black suits may give you a striking new look; however, they come at the cost of all your armor slots, making it hardly worth using them.

This promotes the use of items like this by letting you use extra pieces of armor over the full-body gear you are using.

Carry Weight Modifications

While a limited carrying capacity is added to develop a fun sense of challenge in RPGs, it usually ends up feeling like an unnecessarily annoying restriction that’s stopping you from picking up that cool new reward you fought to earn.

The Carry Weight Modifications Mod allows you to change your ability to carry weight to the degree you prefer. You have various options to make this alteration, ranging from a slight increase to the ability to have a nearly limitless amount of equipment.

Loot Detector

With a game that includes as much content as fallout 4, the last thing you want to be wasting your time on is figuring out what actually holds any loot.

The Loot Detector mod adds a glowing effect to corpses, piles of ash, random objects, and more if they include any items that can be looted. The mod comes with a few extra features like turning off the aura when in owned areas and the ability to auto-loot certain items like ammo.

Fallout 4 Visual and Graphics Mods

Fallout 4’s visuals are by no means bad. They even hold up in comparison to a lot of the games released today. However, there is always room for improvement.

The following mods alter the lighting, textures, and color of the environments in the game to make it much more visually appealing.

Fr4nsson’s Light Tweaks

Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks

Light sources have a huge impact on the visual aspect of a game, especially indoors. This mod alters lighting in Fallout 4 to make the game look significantly better than it initially does.

The lighting alterations made by this mod get rid of multiple unnecessary light sources and adjust the values of a lot of the ones that it keeps in order to make the environment look significantly more realistic.

Darker Nights

If you’ve ever felt like the nights in Fallout 4 are not dark enough for your taste, or you just hate having to check the time constantly to figure out the time of the day, this is a great mod to have.

As the title states, this mod improves the visual quality of nights in Fallout 4 by giving them giving it a darker, more realistic look.

You have seven different levels of darkness to choose from to suit your preference. Keep in mind that your vision in the dark also affects your ability to spot enemies when there is no source of sunlight.

Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction

Fallout 4’s colors that aim to portray a foggy, post-apocalyptic environment tend to make its colors feel a bit washed out at times.

The Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction mod fixes this by adding more vibrant colors to the game. This small change keeps the performance of the game intact while still drastically altering the visual quality of it.

Water Enhanced

As the title suggests, this mod gives you the option to improve the quality of the water texture in Fallout 4.

It allows you to replace the water textures of the base game with ones that can be viewed in 2K, 4K, and 8K. Higher resolutions obviously put a lot more pressure on your device so you will want to stay in a range that does not lower your performance with this one.

Vivid Fallout – Landscapes – Textures in HD – ORIGINAL SIZE – LOWER RESOLUTION

Vivid Fallout - Landscapes

Unlike most mods out there, Vivid fallout makes an attempt to change the textures of the environment in the game to lower the load that it puts on your system.

The creator of this mod also has other variations of it that tweak the textures of rocks and trees. Here is a mod that encompasses all these variations in case that is something you prefer.

Fallout 4 NPC and Companion Mods

The amazing cast of NPCs in Fallout 4 are well known to most people. These mods aim to further enhance these NPCs and companions to elevate the experience you have.

Lots More Settlers and Enemies

Most players can go through Fallout 4 with no complaints regarding its variety of NPCs. However, that is not to say that its massive map could not use any more of them.

This mod adds over 350 unique face designs to NPCs so almost every character passing by looks a bit different. These new faces are applied to Settlers, Raiders, Minutemen, Scavengers, and more.

NPCs Travel

NPCs Travel

Whenever you think a mod could not make the game feel any more expansive than it already is, you tend to find one that does just that.

NPCs Traveladds over 300 NPCs to the commonwealth that can be found traveling across the map. The NPCs added range from raiders and Scavengers to special members of factions. Some of these NPCs are found after completing missions added through various DLCs.

Installing this mod will add a holotape to your inventory that will let you alter the number of NPCs, their respawn speed, their relationships with the player character, and much more.

Everyone’s Best Friend 

This is a simple patch that lets you have a standard companion in addition to dogmeat.

The mod page description makes a compelling argument for why dogmeat was never meant to take the role of your main companion in the game but instead, act as an extra partner. It also fixes this problem by letting you have a second companion in the game as naturally as it can.

Ellen – the Cartographer

Ellen - the Cartographer

Fallout 4 prioritizes quality over quantity when it comes to the player character’s companion options. This leaves a lot of space for more companions while simultaneously giving new ones atough competition. Fortunately, here’s one that matches up to the high standards.

Ellen – the Cartographer is a fellow wanderer who recently found out about the commonwealth.  She is equipped with over 1200 lines of dialogue that you may come across as you travel through the land with her. She also comes with a side quest and romance option.

Companion Infinite Ammo

While their camaraderie always is appreciated, companions are most useful in combat. Unfortunately, this benefit becomes fairly redundant when the companion is out of ammo.

The Companion infinite ammo mod makes it so that your companions can fire an unlimited amount of ammo as long as they at least have one round available.

Fallout 4 Quests and Adventure mods

Bethesda games are well known for the endless amounts of quests. Everytime you think you have done everything you could do, chances are, you will fill find an NPC that proves you wrong.

If you actually exhausted all the content available in Fallout 4 or are simply looking for something different, these quest and adventure mods will add a bunch of new content to keep you busy for several hours.

Atomic Radio and Tales from the Commonwealth

Atomic Radio and Tales from the Commonwealth

This mod pack includes the Tales from the commonwealth mod file that adds a bunch of new content to the game. You will find new NPCs across the map, some of which have dialogue options that can lead you to all-new quests. Some of them can even become companion options.

It also includes the ‘Atomic Radio’ file that a radio station as well as a file that adds new settler NPCs.

Outcasts and Remnants – Quest Mod Plus

Outcasts and Remnants is one of the biggest unofficial expansions to Fallout 4. It adds new NPCs that are a part of new factions and open up a ton of new questlines. You will also find new locations with the addition of this mod.

The mod features a main storyline involving the lore of a few factions in addition to other smaller side quests. It is one of the best mods available for additional content right now.

Maxwell’s World

If you are tired of the post-apocalyptic-themed quests of Fallout 4 and want to go on an absurd ride, make sure to check out Maxwell’s World. This mod adds a new amusement park to the game that has a few spooky rumors floating around.

Maxwell’s World is a horror/survival quest pack that adds new content to the game including a questline, new companions, and more. Your decisions throughout the questline will affect the ending of the arc and the potential companions you will come across.

Project Valkyrie

Project Valkyrie

This mod makes several changes to Fallout 4 that affect the main questline and how you approach it. Project Valkyrie adds 20 new quests, new companions, and whole new endings to Fallout 4 depending on your choices.

You will have the opportunity to alter the relationships between the factions and even have them peacefully co-exist if you play your cards right.

As you go through the newly added quests, you will meet new NPCs that become companion options to aid through the quests.

Other Fun Fallout 4 Mods

The following mods do not fit into any specific category very well but are still great choices of mods to have.

Looks Menu

The Character creation menu that lets you decide what your character will look like is fairly feature-rich, however, its user interface may not be for everybody.

The Looks Menu mod brings an overhaul to the character creation menu of Fallout 4, making it much easier to use.

Settlement Supplies Expanded

Building Settlements that generate resources for you is one of the most loved features of Fallout 4, and bringing any additions to it is a welcomed change.

The Settlement Supplies Expanded mod adds over four hundred new objects that you will be able to add to your settlements to Fallout 4. This massive expansion to the settlement system significantly enhances the experience of it by giving you a whole new set of choices to make

Full Dialogue interface

Full Dialogue interface

This mod overhauls the user interface of dialogue options to help incorporate full sentences that your character would say instead of only displaying a short paraphrased version of them.

You can also have each dialogue option numbered so you could just as easily use your keyboard to get through the dialogue interaction.

Lowered Weapons

If you’ve ever hated how your character in Fallout 4 is constantly pointing their weapon at something when in the first-person perspective, even with no enemies around, this might be a great mod for you.

This simply makes it so that your weapon is lowered as you travel through the commonwealth while out of combat. This small change can make the game feel considerably more realistic.

More Where That Came From – Diamond City Radio Edition

While some mods act as whole expansions that change up the game, others alter a tiny aspect of it and still make it much more enjoyable.

This mod simply adds over 100 new lore-friendly songs to the radio that fit right into the environment of Fallout 4. This may not be the biggest change out there, but it is an enjoyable one.

Make sure to take a look at our Fallout 4 race mods guide that brings an additional dimension of variety to the game.


Fallout 4 is one of the most popular games in the series and for good reasons. Its feature-rich gameplay offers players a ton of viable variation so it does not get old. As an Action RPG Bethesda game, Fallout 4 received a ton of mod support over the years, having the mods only increase in number as it continued to grow popular.

Listed above are some of the best Fallout 4 mods by the modding community that fix various issues the game has, add new and unique content, and do a lot more to improve the overall experience of the entire game.

Keep in mind that all mods don’t work well with each other. It is always a good idea to check the mod description in case of any problems that it may cause.

Do you agree with this list of the best Fallout 4 mods? Do you have any other mods that you love? Let us know in the comment section below.

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