Chivalry 2 Best Camera Settings (First Person vs Third Person) (1st vs 3rd)

In this guide we are going to talk about the differences between first and third person cameras in Chivalry 2. I am going to explain where I think each one excels at, but after talking to some other great players, most of them seem to be playing in first person. However, this is most likely not because first person is better but simply because it’s more immersive and fast paced etc.

It makes the game a bit more chaotic and enjoyable.

I think 3rd person camera is actually better or more useful than 1st, but even with that being said, I still play 1st person almost exclusively. If you’re on PC, there’s no reason why you can’t play both, just set your camera swap bind to something that’s easily reachable.

For me it’s on left control button because I don’t use that to crouch (I use left shift for that) and since left shift is normally used for sprinting (I have auto sprint enabled), I have that freed up for this purpose. So when you’re outnumbered or you want to quickly see what’s going on around you, just swap the camera and get used to playing in both modes like a real pro.

Now let’s talk about some advantages and disadvantages of both.

First Person Camera

The main advantage of first person camera is that it’s more immersive and at least for most players makes the game more fun and fast paced. It puts you right there next to your opponent and getting hit feels like you’re really getting hit and vice versa.

Other than that, it has no ‘real’ advantages as you will see below when we start talking about 3rd person.

Play 1st person if you don’t really care about anything else 3rd person has to offer. 🙂

Third Person Camera

Situational awareness is very important and 3rd person excels here. You can easily see what’s going on around you, turning around and cleaving (cutting through multiple opponents) is much faster and precise as well.

This comes at a cost where you feel ‘less immersed’ in the game, but for practical purposes, it wins over 1st person hands down.

One of the things I first thought would be problematic in 3rd person is the ability to precision block attacks (which is very important), but this seems to be no problem at all. The only thing I thought would be a huge advantage for 1st person is actually no advantage at all.

It might actually be even easier to do in 3rd person mode.

Hence, 3rd person wins this battle, but for some reason (I’d say the ‘fun’ factor) first person camera is still the one used more. All the best players I talked to use 1st person mode exclusively.

Fun always wins. 🙂

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