How to Farm Overland Sets Fast (Treasure Maps) in Elder Scrolls Online


If you need to farm an overland set but you don’t have time to go around and kill hundreds of world bosses, or spend days in delves, this is for you. Waiting for bosses to re-spawn, not getting the loot that you need and generally not being able to do certain bosses in an efficient way is painful.

There is an alternative, and that alternative is – treasure maps. Treasure maps exist for pretty much all zones in ESO, and since item sets can be found in regular chests, it follows that they can also be found in treasure chests. The drop rate is guaranteed, you will always get one of the item from one of the 3 sets that drop in that particular zone.

Acquiring Lots of Treasure Maps – Right Way

The first thing to do is to make sure that the character on which you will be doing this, has the ‘Treasure Hunter‘ CP passive unlocked. This will improve all gear in treasure chests and will mainly help you get more epic (purple) quality jewelry drops. This is located in The Shadow constellation and it requires 75 points. Whenever you want to go farm treasure chests, allocate at least 75 points there.

The best way to acquire a lot of treasure maps is to visit as many guild stores as you can. They are often sold there cheaply and apart from a random treasure hunter occasionally buying them off (such as yourself), usually there will be a lot of them for sale. To filter out treasure maps in guild stores, you need to select the ‘Other‘ category, then ‘Trophy‘ and then blue quality items only (treasure maps are blue quality items). This will filter out anything that you don’t need and usually just showcase all the treasure maps in that particular guild store.

Now, you obviously need to read through them and identify the zone in which your set drops, and just buy those. Also, make sure to put a gold filter, of perhaps up to 500 gold max per treasure map, because otherwise it might be costly to buy all the overpriced ones.

Since treasure chests also give over 100 gold each, that means that your cost will be either partly or almost entirely refunded, depending on your initial gold filter. In other words, you can do this pretty much for free with a low enough filter (but you will miss out on some of course). Like I said, I generally go up to 500 gold per map, I don’t think it’s worth paying more than that (I am on PC EU platform). Don’t be lazy, check out all guild stores from major zones and generally major trading hubs, but also visit guild traders in less popular zones, chances are, you will be able to find some there too.

I have found a few guilds where there were a ton of maps for sale, and these guilds weren’t in a major trading hub, so if I didn’t bother to go visit those traders, I would have never acquired hundreds of more maps. Being thorough pays. If you’re unlucky however, don’t worry about it, next time it might be better. And if there aren’t any maps whatsoever, someone probably bought them off and you will need to wait a little bit until they replenish, and hopefully be more lucky next time.

Farming Treasure Chests – Right Way

Once you buy a lot of treasure maps, they will be mailed to you. Your character can only hold one of each map and they are numerically ordered. This means that there are multiple treasure maps per zone and you can only have one copy of each in your inventory.

So what I do is the following. I pick up all the different ones from the mail and then go to a location, usually starting with the lowest number map. I know all locations because of my Lost Treasure add-on, and if you’re on PC/Mac, do get it. If you’re on console you will have to Google the locations and make references for yourself. It’s a bit harder but doable. Once at a location, loot it and run away, not too far, but not too close either.

This will reset the spot and after you loot a chest, immediately pick up another copy of that particular map from your mail. Run back to the spot and repeat until you no longer have that specific map in your inventory or your mailbox. Then move to the next one, and next one, and next one, until you’re all done. This will net you a bunch of items and your inventory will fill up. If you’re like me, you will also get extremely bored after some time.

You can sell these items or deconstruct on your alternate characters (to level up their crafting professions for example). Or just mail them to a friend and put a note in the mail to return it. If you have the merchant NPC and you don’t need to decon the items, even better.

I hope this helps you and good luck!

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