How to Get 100% More Master Writs in Elder Scrolls Online

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How to Get 100% More Master Writs in Elder Scrolls Online 1

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Master Writs are special quests that crafters occasionally get for completing crafting dailies. The writ vouchers currency is one of the most valuable currencies in ESO. The amount of vouchers a quest gives is totally random, however the drop rate can be influenced.

The best way to dramatically increase the drop rate is to simply do crafting dailies with as many characters as you can. This will naturally yield the highest return possible, but will take more time. Each profession has specific things that influence the drop rate, so let’s take a look at all of them, starting from the more common ones, to the more rare ones.

Alchemy, Enchanting & Provisioning

These 3 professions depend on the following.

  • Reagent traits discovered & achievements for alchemy.
  • Recipes learned & achievements for provisioning.
  • Rune stones translated & achievements for enchanting.

It is unclear if general crafting achievements influence these, but it is certainly good to get them just in case. Since they definitely help with the next 3 professions.

For these 3 professions, you basically want to translate all rune stones, discover all reagent traits and learn all recipes in addition to getting all achievements available. This will ensure the maximum drop rate of those master writs.

Blacksmithing, Clothing & Woodworking

The next 3 professions are all standardized and same principles apply.

  • Get all general crafting achievements.
  • Get all additional achievements under each tab respectively.
  • Learn as many motifs as you can.
  • Research as many traits as you can.

These 3 are the most profitable ones and the above factors are what influences their drop rate. General crafting achievements, as well as specific ones are self explanatory. Read what they require and try to get them all.

Motifs are a bit different because you need to learn the whole motif, rather than specific pages. For example, if you know 5 chapters of the Dwemer motif, it will not be counted until you know the whole book.

Motifs You ‘Could’ Avoid

Basic blue motifs do not count either. It is unsure if crown store motifs count, I certainly wouldn’t worry about those since there aren’t many anyway. Traits will take a while to research, but with the scrolls that you can buy either in the crown store or from the master crafting NPC, you can drastically reduce this.

But you can safely go ahead and learn all these motifs on at least your main crafting character, the rest don’t really need them since they don’t count.

You can preview (almost) all ESO Motifs in this playlist on Youtube.

Master Writs – Conclusion

Once you do all of this, your drop rate will be maximized but as I said this is totally random and some days you might get them, some days you might not. In my experience, I get master writs every week and the amounts are totally random.

Sometimes you might get a huge quest that you can either sell or do yourself, but don’t expect them to drop often because they don’t. If you enjoy crafting and are looking for an additional gold source, this is certainly a good supplemental way.

If you are really serious about farming lots of gold efficiently, then you definitely want to do crafting writs on as many characters as you can, as well as maximize their master writ outputs. It does help a lot and it all adds up quickly.

What’s Next?

Now that you know how to maximize your master writ drop rate, you can go ahead and learn more about my personal ESO Gold Farming Guide.

Also, if you want to learn how to get these ESO Motifs that count towards the drop rates, then that guide should come in handy too. You can also find these alongside my other ESO Guides, so go ahead – browse around a bit and see if there’s anything else of interest.

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Welcome adventurer. My name is Alex and I play MMOs, RPGs and Digital Strategy Card games. I love making new friends. :)

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