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Oblivion damage in ESO is a specific weapon enchantment effect that deals unresistable, unblockable and almost unavoidable type of damage. It’s one of the most potent enchantments for your weapon. Following the Horns of the Reach DLC, this enchantment will prove to be very problematic in PVP, not only because of how it works on its own, but also because of how weapon traits in general are changing.

What is Oblivion Damage

It used to be known as irresistible damage, after that as deadric damage, and now as oblivion damage.

It simply deals damage, but is in turn not affected by character’s resistances, nor the battle spirit debuff. This is a problem because with certain weapon traits like infused, that provide a reduced cooldown on your enchantment, plus a more potent effect – it becomes way too powerful for other players to deal with.

The main problem with oblivion damage is that it’s not affected by battle spirit, only the champion system affects it and this is not enough. In order to properly balance this enchantment, battle spirit debuff will need to be applied to it.

The fact that it ignores resistances is fine, this will mean that it can still compete with other enchantments but not be overpowered.

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