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Card Crafting Guide for Beginners in Elder Scrolls Legends


In addition to all of the TESL guides I’ve done so far, there’s also a sequence of videos I’ve made specifically for beginner players to help them decide which cards to prioritize while crafting. I went through ALL attributes in the game and segregated the videos by card rarity. Rare, epic and legendary. In this page I have embedded all of those videos for your convenience so...

Card Collection Building Guide for Beginners in Elder Scrolls Legends


Building your collection is probably the most important thing after actually learning how to play TESL. In this guide I am going to give you a lot of different tips & tricks on how to build up your card collection faster, and I’ll assume that you’re not going to spend real money while doing so. We’re going to start off with some things that you should never do. This is just...

Deck Building (Crafting) Guide for Beginners in Elder Scrolls Legends


There are lots of things we could say about crafting successful decks in TESL. However, the most important thing is to have fun! With that being said, in this guide I am going to give you some tips & tricks as well as common sense principles you should always keep in mind while crafting new and editing existing decks. These will apply regardless of what type of a deck you’re working on...

Keywords & Card Effects Guide for Beginners in Elder Scrolls Legends


Keywords are a big part of how cards in TESL function. In the last guide we went through card mechanics, but here we will focus on keywords. Keywords can also be granted via other cards. They can be stolen or removed etc. You should not confuse keywords with mechanics even though they function similarly and a card can have both (and multiple) of those active at any given moment. As you will see...

Mechanics & Card Effects Guide for Beginners in Elder Scrolls Legends


Understanding card mechanics & effects is one of the most important things in Elder Scrolls Legends. There are quite a few of them and in this guide I’ll go through all the mechanics that you need to know about. Mechanics should not be confused with keywords. I have a guide on that as well. However, cards can have both of those in a combination. Cards can also get ‘buffed...

How to Play Elder Scrolls Legends (Beginner Guide)


Elder Scrolls Legends is a complex game. There’s no shortage of mechanics, keywords and rules. However, once you understand the basics, the rest comes easy. In this guide I’m going to show you everything that you need to know. You can read, watch the video or (preferably) do both. Also, don’t forget about the in-game glossary area where you can get all the information that you...

Is Elder Scrolls Legends Worth Playing in 2020?


Ever since Bethesda announced that TESL is being discontinued, players have been panicking and misinterpreting what that means. First of all, this is a niche game. There will never be as many players as there are in other mainstream games. Or even Hearthstone for that matter. I’m not going to speculate (too much) about what went wrong and why, but I will say that the studio behind this...


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