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How to Increase Inventory Space (Carry Weight) in Fallout 76


Carrying more stuff in FO76 can be a big problem early on. Thankfully there are quite a few different things you can do to remedy this. I’m going to show you everything that I’ve done up until this point and we’ll exclude power armor because even though it can dramatically increase your carry weight (+100 I believe for Excavator version), it might not be available for everyone...

How to Find Large Water Purifier & Medium Power Generator Plans in Fallout 76


Large water purifier (industrial) is the best one you can find in FO76. It needs to be placed in a body of water but it produces highest quantities of purified water, which is a very valuable item to have (for consuming as well as crafting). To obtain this plan, simply head to Camp McClintock and get it from the Overseer’s cache. Medium power generator might not be the most optimal or...

How to Find & Farm Plastic in Fallout 76


Plastic is a very important material in FO76. It’s used to craft and repair a lot of different items, but also bulk other materials which you can then sell to vendors for caps. There are many locations where you can farm plastic, as well as collect it in the world as you go (use tag for search) – but one of the best locations is Morgantown High School. Plastic also drops in larger...

How to Get (Farm & Craft) Ammo in Fallout 76


Ammo is definitely one of the most important commodities in FO76. Unless you’re playing with a melee build. There are a few different ways of getting ammo. From looting it from mobs, to finding it randomly in the world. To crafting it and farming with workshops. Having lots of ammo is also a nice way of making profits from selling it to other players via your vending machine. Invest in...

How to Get & Make (Farm) Fusion Cores in Fallout 76


Fusion cores are one of the most important items you should stock up on after you start playing with power armor. In addition to showing you the best ways of getting them, I’ll also give you tips & tricks on how to make them last longer. This is just as important because if you get more mileage from a core, you’ll need less of them. There are a few different ways of getting fusion...

Where to Find a Power Armor Station Plan in Fallout 76


Power armor station plan is a relatively easy item to get even without any quests. Merchant near Watoga train station sells it. You will need a bit of caps so make sure you have the trading perks fully upgraded and equipped. This plan can also be rewarded to you upon completing the Excavator Power Armor quest line. If you want to embark on this quest line you will need to be at least level 25...

Purveyor Location & Scrip Guide for Fallout 76


Scrip in FO76 is a special currency you can obtain by trading in legendary weapons & armor. To do this, you need to deposit them into special containers found at train stations, or at the purveyor’s location. To see the location of the purveyor, watch the video I’ve embedded. A lot of other videos and images are outdated so that’s why I made a new one. Purveyor sells...

How to Find & Get a Small Backpack in Fallout 76


Getting a backpack in FO76 is actually not that easy. It can potentially take a lot of time depending on how lucky (or unlucky) you are. For example, I did the quests that are required (more on that below) but at the last stage the game was literally refusing to let me find the mobs I needed and I lost many hours stubbornly trying to find them at all kinds of locations with no success. I gave up...

How to Setup Workshops to Farm Resources, Items & Plans in Fallout 76


Workshops are a phenomenal way of obtaining riches in Fallout 76. Defending a workshop (or multiple) will yield lots of items, plans, loot and experience from mobs you retire. In this guide I’m going to give you lots of tips & tricks when it comes to taking, defending and profiting from running workshops. I would suggest at least level 15 to 20 before taking bigger workshops but even...

How to Find & Get CAMP Blueprints & Plans in Fallout 76


CAMP blueprints & plans are very important. There’s a few different ways of getting them. We’ll go through that in this guide. But first keep in mind that a ‘blueprint‘ can also refer to a re-useable CAMP blueprint YOU yourself have created so that’s basically why you might see players referring to blueprints in two different ways interchangeably. You can just...


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