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How to Find & Get a Camera in Fallout 76

Obtaining a camera in Fallout 76 is very easy nowadays. All you have to do is get the personal terminal from the atomic shop and start the quest. You will then proceed to find a deceased tourist at a (potentially) far away location. Open the data menu and see where the quest is located on the map. Once you’re there, you will loot a Broken ProSnap Deluxe Camera. You will then need to go to a...

How to Make & Farm Purified Water in Fallout 76

The easiest way to get purified water is to find someone else’s CAMP and just take it. Unless they’ve installed a lock on their purifiers. But you won’t get a lot of it this way so it’s better to just set this up for yourself instead. First thing you need is the large (industrial) water purifier plan. You can find this at Camp McClintock in the Overseer’s cache. This...

How to Find & Farm Acid in Fallout 76

There are a few different types of enemies that drop acid upon dying. Some of them might be harder for you to deal with depending on your setup and level. In addition to killing these mobs, there is also another way of getting lots of acid. You can do combinations of mob & resource farming. Mobs that drop acid are Snallygasters, Wendigos, Anglers & Grafton Monsters. There might be more...

How to Find & Farm Black Titanium in Fallout 76

Black titanium is one of the most important (and rare) resources in FO76. It is used to craft and repair power armor. In addition to stocking up on this resource, you should also pick up the perk card that reduces the cost of crafting and repairing PA. There are other valuable resources used while doing this so it really pays off to have this perk fully upgraded. To get black titanium, you can...

How to Make Fallout 76 Look More Like Fallout 4 (Graphics Guide)

If you’re like me and you find the whole colorful theme a bit too much and cartoony, then this guide is for you. Removing depth of field definitely helps but why stop there? There’s also another washing effect that Bethesda has implemented, probably to mask details and improve console performance. I’m going to show you how to get rid of this regardless of whether you like the...


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