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Is No Man’s Sky Worth Playing in 2020 & Beyond?


NMS was one of those games with a completely and utterly catastrophic launch. The game was super hyped up. Even PewDiePie was crazy about it. After many complications and some delays, as well as lots of controversy in-between, NMS finally arrived and the rest was history. It was one of the biggest launch failures of all time, rivaled only by FO76’s. In fact, I don’t know which one was...

15 Time Saving Tips & Tricks for New Players in No Man’s Sky


Playing the game at a faster pace by developing good practices and getting used to them is a guaranteed way to not only save time, but also enjoy a smoother gameplay experience. Once you incorporate the following 15 tips & tricks, you will no doubt improve your gameplay and enjoy the game more. Saving time is important. In this guide I am going to give you some really simple, as well as more...


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