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No Man’s Sky Freighters for Beginners (Tips & Tricks) (NMS 2020 Freighter Guide)

Freighters are the biggest ships in No Man’s Sky. They are also called capital ships. You can only have one at a time. They have the same classes as other starships and their inventory can be upgraded via specialized modules you can scavenge in the game. There is also a way to get an s-class freighter at the beginning of the game for free. All you have to do is make a manual save prior to...

How I Made 4 Billion+ Units in No Man’s Sky (Activated Indium Farm) (NMS 2020 Farming Guide)

This is probably the best set it and forget it method for getting rich in No Man’s Sky. You just need to build the farm once and you’re all set for as long as you play the game. Keep going back to it and keep taking activated indium to sell. That’s what we’re farming here. So let’s start with some required technologies and preparations. Also make sure you have a few...

No Man’s Sky – Beginner’s Guide for New Players (Tips & Tricks) (NMS 2020 Origins Update)

When you first start playing No Man’s Sky, chances are you’re going to die. Like, real quick. And that’s okay. A lot of players do. Statistically speaking, the game is much more likely to first put you on a high hazard type of a planet. Or maybe you were lucky (if even possible, don’t know) and you found yourself on a lush planet, which is basically (usually) completely...

How Many Planets are in No Man’s Sky? How Big is the Universe? (NMS 2020 Origins)

No Man’s Sky is a huge game. It’s procedurally generated. It’s not the biggest game ever made, but it’s definitely up there with them. If you were to explore NMS at a rate of 1 planet per second, it would take you 585 billion years to finish. And that’s before the Origins update, which has added even more solar systems & planets to it. If we were to speed that up...

No Man’s Sky Mods – How to Install PC Mods for NMS (2020 Guide)

Playing No Man’s Sky with mods is great. Installation is fast & easy. I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do, as well as what to do after every update in order to keep the mods working. Sometimes certain mods might become outdated, and that’s fine. Things change. When that happens, you will generally want to visit the mod’s page and notify the author, or see...


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