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How to Fix & Improve Wards in Skyrim (New Ward Spells) (Best Skyrim SE Magic Mods 2020)


Wards in vanilla Skyrim are pretty bad. They cost too much, they charge slowly and they are easily broken and negated. Not to mention that they don’t even protect against melee or ranged weapons. With this mod, all of that changes. Reduced cost, increased magnitude and ward strength, anti melee/ranged capabilities, optional plugin for deflecting projectiles completely etc. In addition to...

Skyrim SE 2020 Graphics – Optimized & Performance Friendly (High FPS & No ENB)


Making Skyrim look great is a big part of the modding game. There are hundreds, and even thousands of graphics mods out there. In this guide I’ll mention pretty much everything that I use in my full modded build. I’ll give you the big ones and if anything else shows up later, you can find on Nexus yourself relatively easy. We can try and categorize them a bit too. If you don’t...

How to Install SkyUI for Skyrim SE (Special Edition) (Mod Organizer Tutorial) (2020 UI Guide)


A long time ago a viewer on Youtube asked me to do a video on how to install SkyUI. At the time I didn’t really think there would be many people out there searching for this, rather that they would look for a guide on how to install Skyrim mods in general. So I did the video just with him in mind, but later it turns out there are just as many people looking for this guide, as well as the...

We Can Wear a Lantern in Skyrim? (Wearable Lanterns) (Best Skyrim SE Immersion Mods 2020)


Playing a dark and creepy version of Skyrim with something like Enchanced Lights & FX (hardcore module) is perfect in combination with high difficulty, improved combat, graphics & audio overhauls etc. However, you will quickly realize that you need a reliable light source or exploring dungeons becomes impossible. Thankfully, there’s a few solutions available. I’ll make sure to...

What are the Best Skyrim SE Combat Mods? (2020 Gameplay Overhaul)


Combat is arguably the most important aspect of the game. In order to overhaul how Skyrim plays, we are going to need some high quality combat, enemy & difficulty enhancement mods. Bookmark this guide or watch the video and subscribe to my Youtube channel if you want more updates quicker. This is going to be a fairly long guide, and before we begin, first you need to know how to mod Skyrim...

How to Change or Disable (Remove) Skyrim’s Cinematic Kill Camera (Kill Cam / Kill Moves Mod)


Taking control of the kill camera (kill moves) is easy. There’s 3 different options that I know of. The first one is to simply add a couple of parameters to a config file. The second is to completely remove it via a mod (which I use), and the third is also a mod that can remove it, but it’s more about editing it and changing the way it works (for that one you need SKSE, SkyUI, the...

How to Fix & Improve Skyrim LOD for Better Graphics & Performance (Dyndolod & Mods 2020 Guide)


LODs are distant objects that you see in the world. In vanilla Skyrim they are horribly optimized and the level of details is very low. This makes the game look worse and at the same time negatively impacts performance. Fortunately, there are tools that are designed to fix this problem, and not only increase the graphical fidelity of the world of Skyrim, but also at the same time improve...

How to Install & Configure ENB (2020 Tutorial) (Skyrim SE Graphics & Mods Guide)


ENBs are post processing effects designed to greatly improve the visual aspect of your game. They come in many different presets or versions, depending on your preferences and how you wish your game to look & feel. Generally speaking, they are compatible with many other mods that edit the game’s visuals, but you really need to pay attention to this because not all of them will work with...

Skyrim SE FNIS Guide – How to Install & Improve Skyrim’s Animations (2020 Mods Tutorial)


FNIS (Fore’s New Idles in Skyrim) has been one of the most popular tools for modding Skyrim and installing custom animations. In case that you didn’t know, there’s a new tool that’s called Nemesis (opens in new tab) which brings many new benefits and updates to good old FNIS. However, if for some reason you still wish to use FNIS instead, this is how you do it. First...

Skyrim SE Nemesis Guide – How to Install & Improve Skyrim’s Animations (2020 Mods Tutorial)


Playing Skyrim with new & custom NPC animations can be very refreshing. There’s a new animation engine out there and it’s called Nemesis. This is the successor to the older FNIS, which is now going into its well deserved retirement. Nemesis is very easy to use if you follow these steps I’m about to show you (or watch the video for a full demonstration). I know it can look...


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