How I Made 4 Billion+ Units in No Man’s Sky (Activated Indium Farm) (NMS 2022 Farming Guide)

This is probably the best set it and forget it method for getting rich in No Man’s Sky. You just need to build the farm once and you’re all set for as long as you play the game. Keep going back to it and keep taking activated indium to sell. That’s what we’re farming here. So let’s start with some required technologies and preparations.

Also make sure you have a few million units to begin with, since you will need a lot of materials for this.

Required Technologies

You will need the advanced survey device for your multitool so you can scan different types of hotspots. Mainly deep minerals and electromagnetic energy. You will also need an indium drive (or cadmium/emeril if you want to farm those instead) and then travel to a solar system where there’s activated indium on a planet. Usually they’re high hazard planets.

Once you have that (and you get it all from the space anomaly via buried technology modules), you also need some base item recipes such as storage, mineral extractors, electromagnetic generators, supply depots etc. I mention all of that in the video so take a look.

When you have all the requirements for the farm, you need to travel a lot and find (hopefully) an s-class activated indium hotspot. Then also look in a radius of up to 1000 units (distance) if you can find a magnetic field (any class). Set up your base somewhere in the middle and construct a bunch of batteries to extend construction radius of the base.

Base Construction & Wiring

You will basically need lot of mineral extractors and then you have to connect them all (connecting them in lines is fine). Then hook them up to a battery and a storage silo.

Build some more batteries and lots of electromagnetic generators. Hook them all up as well, and connect to a battery. Then make sure all those batteries are connected as well and you have enough power for all those extractors to work. Once that’s done, you will need to build a bunch of storage silos, and connect at least one to the extractors. And all of them to each other as well (in adjacent lines is fine).

To be clear, you do not need to connect every item to every other item individually. When I say in lines, I just mean that they are all adjacent to each other in terms of their wiring and supply lines.

Mineral extractors have two connectors. One is for connecting them to each other and a battery (or electricity generators) and the other is for supply depots via supply lines. Experiment until you understand it all.

Use Someone Else’s Base?

I forgot to mention in the video, but if you can find co-ordinates for someone else’s base (check the uploaded ones), I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you served yourself with some activated indium here and there.

After all, that’s why they uploaded it in the first place. And you can do the same too. Make a super farm and upload it for others to get rich. It’s a cool thing to do. I did it, so try and dig it out if you can.

I hope this helped you!

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