How to Call Your Horse in Skyrim | Skyrim Horse Mods to Call Your Horse

Skyrim is known for its ability to give plan immersive experience in a fantasy-themed world with a ton of choices to make and characters to interact with. Unfortunately, the horses here do not come with the wide variety of features that most other elements of the game benefit from.

Even with the lack of options in the base game, this guide will show you how to call your horse in Skyrim through the use of various mods that add a ton of new features to the horses of the game.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition has a large modding community that alters various areas of the game, including its horses and their functions.

Can you call your horse in Skyrim?

Unfortunately, you cannot call your horse in Vanilla Skyrim with a whistle as you would in many other games. However, a few tweaks and mods to the game can fix this to let you call your horse from any exterior area on the map.

Skyrim was not originally designed to have a ‘Call Horse’ function, so directly adding one in is often difficult. Mods use other features such as shouts and spells to let horses appear before you.

The best Horse mods in Skyrim (To call your horse)

Using mods is the best way to add new features to Skyrim, including the ability to call your horse.

The following mods offer several new functions to Skyrim horses.

Convenient Horses

Convenient Horses

Not many mods add as many features to the horse riding system of Skyrim as this one does. In addition to calling a recent horse to an outdoor location with a whistle, this mod introduces a much more complex system that includes carry weight, storage, and combat options.

While riding a horse, players can now harvest ingredients, engage in combat, interact with NPCs, and more; letting you spend time on your horse instead of requiring you to dismount it every now and then.

Followers can also mount wild horses and use them to engage in combat with this mod.

Immersive Horses

immersive horses mod

The ‘Immersive horses’ mod for Skyrim adds a ton of new commands to the game that appear while interacting with your horses.

The mod lets you rename your horse, use a whistle to call it, change the ownership to use a stolen horse, and more. You can choose whether to ride the horse around or let it follow you to places instead of having to abandon it while walking by foot. The mod also includes herd commands that let you control other horses in your possession.

Skyrim has a few unique horses that are accessible after you complete quests for in storylines like that of the Dark Brotherhood. This mod overhauls all these horses to make them even stronger with boosted stats and new features.

Make sure to check out our Skyrim horse guide to find the best horse Skyrim has to offer.

Simple Horse SE

simple horse se mod

If you’re looking for a horse mod with a few core features that do not cause your PC’s performance to be affected, this might be the one for you. Simple Horse SE puts a strong focus on keeping things light and compatible so you do not have to sacrifice much in order to use it.

The mod allows you to call your horse and activate ‘No fighting’ to make your horse much less aggressive. When you mount your horse, it spawns a wild horse for your followers to ride.

Call Your Horse

This is a simple mod that does exactly what it says; it lets you call your horse. If you want a light mod without all the other features that the mods on this list bring, this might be the mod for you.

The ‘Call your Horse’ mod adds a lesser power to your character with no cost to your magika that summons your horse when you are standing in a suitable location. If your horse is within your line of sight, it will simply run to you.

Skyrim’s base game does not let players call their horses from any part of the world. Fortunately, the mods listed above can fix this by adding a ton of new features to Skyrim’s Horse system.

Did you find this guide helpful? What are your go-to horse mods? Let us know in the comment section below.

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