How to Completely Overhaul Skyrim’s UI (Best Skyrim SE UI Mods 2022)

Skyrim’s default UI is absolutely horrible. It was clearly ported from consoles to PC and never really given second thought. In this guide I am going to show you how to completely take control over your UI and make it extremely enjoyable. We’ll start off with the (arguably) most important mod of all time.

Also, if you never modded Skyrim and would like to get started, here’s my beginner modding guide and my best skyrim mods list that should bring you up to speed.


SkyUI will give you a PC user interface. It comes with its own MCM menu where you can change things such as font size, shortcuts & groups etc. It overhauls all the window elements in the game, from your inventory to your favorites area. It’s an absolute must have mod.

It also breaks down your inventory into different categories, as well as the spell windows and makes it super easy to overview or even search for specific things. In addition to displaying all kinds of useful information.

There’s also options for having active effects displayed on your screen so you can easily track buffs in real time.

This mod alone will change the way your game looks completely.

Other than that, SkyUI also provides MCM menu capabilities for other mods to use, so if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to configure any of your other mods unless they come with in-game config menus or books etc.


Less Intrusive HUD

This is my second favorite UI mod. It allows you to customize all UI elements on your screen. You can move them, rotate, re-size etc. Completely disable if you don’t want them and so on.

You also get an MCM menu with all kinds of options so make sure to play around with it until you configure everything exactly as you want it to be. There’s also a grid of green lines to help you position things precisely.

Less Intrusive HUD.

Immersive HUD (iHUD)

This mod is a bit different. It focuses more on the immersive options in terms of your UI. Things such as fast fade of hp/mag/stam bars, enabling or disabling the crosshair depending on various factors and conditions etc.

It basically provides additional options that play very well with the previous mod. The idea is to make the UI more immersive and it does that via its own MCM menu.

Immersive HUD (iHUD).

A Matter of Time (HUD Clock Widget)

In-game clock on your screen? Sure!

I like to have mine right above the compass.

In addition to allowing you to track in-game time right on your screen without having to open the map, it also supports various functions and additional information such as in-game (or even real) date etc. Basically a few different widgets you can play with.

It’s very easy to configure and position. I just use the basic in-game clock, but it does a lot more than that.

A Matter of Time (HUD Clock Widget).

Quick Loot RE

This is a small phenomenal mod that will allow you to loot containers, dungeon chests or even enemies (basically anything) quickly. A window will appear if there’s something to be looted and you can just take it via a simple hotkey press.

Of course, if you want to open the window and exchange (deposit) stuff, you can do that. But the idea is to allow you to quickly loot stuff without having to constantly open and close windows in order to do so. It’s a really cool mod. Fallout style looting.

Quick Loot RE.

Display Enemy Level

Simple mod that will allow you to see your enemy’s level and health points. It can be useful when you’re not sure whether a certain enemy is very strong or easily manageable. It’s compatible with all other mods on this list.

Display Enemy Level.

Widget Mod – Ported for SSE

Widgets are basically pieces of information present on your screen at all times. So if you like having this information displayed, such as for example your gold, arrow count (when sheathed), carry weight or even hold bounties, then this mod is for you.

It also has an MCM menu where you can configure every widget in a detailed way.

Widget Mod – Ported for SSE.

Customizable UI Replacer SE

One of my favorite UI mods. On its own it won’t do much, but if you get the other mods from this list, it will allow you to re-texture your UI and make it look like another game. There’s custom presets of all kinds, so make sure to check all screenshots to see which one looks the best to you.

I use the ESO dark preset since I played Elder Scrolls Online for a long time and I’m used to that UI style. But there’s other ones, like for example Dark Souls.

Customizable UI Replacer SE.

moreHUD SE

This mod will extend the information that you see on the screen and dramatically improve it, as well as provide more functionalities via its MCM menu (it’s highly configurable).

For example, you can see whether you know a certain enchantment, whether a certain book will level up something, traits you know from a certain alchemy reagent you’re currently looking at etc. And much more.

moreHUD SE.

moreHUD Inventory Edition

Similarly as the one above, this one does the same but it focuses on your inventory area. Same functionalities, just for your inventory. It also fixes up issues with longer descriptions. In that case it resizes the window properly so you can actually read stuff.

moreHUD Inventory Edition.

Better Descriptions SSE

This mod edits all kinds of descriptions in the game, for example shrine effects, mundus stones etc. I would say it’s not necessarily a must have mod, but it certainly won’t hurt to install it and enjoy a much more cohesive game.

Better Descriptions SSE.

More Informative Console

If you’re often using the console, you absolutely need this mod. It will allow you to see all kinds of additional information by simply clicking on an object (or an NPC). It’s a small mod but very useful for someone like me who often uses the console when making Skyrim videos.

More Informative Console.

Sovngarde – A Nordic Font

And for our final mod on this list, we have complete font replacement with Sovngarde. This will change the style of all text in the game, literally everything. Even loading screens and books.

There’s a couple of different versions (and languages) so pick what looks the best to you. I use the bold version with large font settings in SkyUI (makes the game extremely readable).

Sovngarde – A Nordic Font.

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