How to Fix & Improve Wards in Skyrim (New Ward Spells) (Best Skyrim SE Magic Mods 2020)

Wards in vanilla Skyrim are pretty bad. They cost too much, they charge slowly and they are easily broken and negated. Not to mention that they don’t even protect against melee or ranged weapons. With this mod, all of that changes. Reduced cost, increased magnitude and ward strength, anti melee/ranged capabilities, optional plugin for deflecting projectiles completely etc.

In addition to all of that, shouts can now break and pass through wards. All of this is configurable via an MCM menu.

There are also 3 new spells. One is an expert level ward, other two are master level spells which you can cast and leave to recharge on their own without you having to do anything (both hands free).

If you don’t know how to mod Skyrim, check out my beginner’s guide to modding Skyrim SE (Special Edition). It opens in new tab so go ahead and click it.

It’s the same for LE (Legendary Edition). You just need to download appropriate mods between them.

Once you’re ready, download & install Wards Functionalities Extended from Nexus. This link is for Skyrim SE (Special Edition).

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