How to Get a Living Ship in No Man’s Sky (NMS 2022 Guide)

Getting a living ship is easy. Go to The Anomaly and buy yourself a Void Egg for 3200 Quicksilver. If you don’t have enough of this currency, do some daily and weekly missions until you have enough.

Once you have the void egg, go to space and start warping. You will get a message eventually and the Melody of the Egg mission will begin. There are 13 possible messages that you can get.

Random warping will give you more of these random messages so keep doing it. The first 12 are references to glyphs you might need and the last one is an indicator of which galaxy you need to be in to progress.

Once you have all 13 messages, it’s time to find a portal. Most planets typically have a portal on them. This might take you a while to do but you are guaranteed to find one eventually.

Once you’ve found a portal, input the glyphs in the same order that you received them.

Then you will go to another planet and get another message. Follow the instructions and get to a location within that solar system. Another message upon arrival will say ‘Watch for us in the stars’.

Go back to space and fly around for a bit while in the pulse drive. Your ship will detect an anomaly. Drop out of pulse drive and you will have a living ship in front of you. This begins the Starbirth mission.

This mission involves following the void egg’s instructions to find components that you need for the living ship.

You will need to go to planets and find relics that will give you blueprints for these components. Then you will need to obtain the necessary materials to construct them and once you’re done, you will have a living ship.

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