How to Get (Farm & Craft) Adhesive in Fallout 76

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How to Get (Farm & Craft) Adhesive in Fallout 76 1

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Adhesive is a super-important material in FO76. Thankfully there is a super-easy way of getting it but you’ll have to do a bit of preparation first. Adhesive is also a fairly common material in the world so it shouldn’t be too hard to get it even if you don’t want to craft it (my preferred way).

Adhesive is often used for repairing stuff you’ve crafted. If you’re out and exploring don’t forget you can also use tag for search and the game will tell you when you find something that has Adhesive as its material component from scrapping.

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How to Craft Adhesive via CAMP

Obtain a medium power generator plan on Miguel’s Terminal at Morgantown Airport. Obtain a large (industrial) water purifier plan at Camp McClintock in the Overseer’s cache. Craft a few of these and connect them. The purifiers need to be placed in a body of water (smaller ones do not).

Once you have this, loot purified water and stock up. In the meantime, go and find some tato, corn & mutfruit plants. Plant them in your CAMP and wait for them to grow. Farm a decent quantity.

You can also use the green thumb perk to harvest double plants and then just re-plant them at your CAMP if you want higher quantities. You only need to find one copy of each plant to get started.

Now that you have all of this, go to a cooking station (preferably you have all of this in your CAMP). Under utility you will see vegetable starch (adhesive).

Craft it and then go to another station of your choice and simply scrap it. It’s that easy.

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Welcome adventurer. My name is Alex and I play MMOs, RPGs and Digital Strategy Card games. I love making new friends. :)

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