How To Get Sawn Logs in Skyrim | Skyrim Sawn Log Guide

The Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim introduced the ability to build houses in the game, which came with a whole new set of features for players to learn. One of the most prominent aspects of this new system is the need for resources like Sawn logs to build these houses.

This guide should teach you how to get Sawn logs in Skyrim without much trouble. You can spend some time getting this wood for free or spend money and speed up the process.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released in 2011 followed by its DLC packs over the next few years. You can pick the game with all the downloadable content including the Hearthfire DLC with Skyrim Special Edition.

What are Sawn Logs?

The DLC pack Hearthfire for Skyrim introduced a whole new system of building your own house. In order to go through this process of construction, the Dragonborn will need a few resources such as Sawn logs.

These Sawn logs are large pieces of wood that are building materials for houses in Skyrim. They are not stored in your inventory but are instead found at the building site.

Sawn Log

Where Do You Get Sawn logs in Skyrim?

Sawn Logs are obtained in lumber mills across Skyrim. Some of these mills can be found in cities and villages while others are located fairly close to them.

Sawn Wood Lumber Mill locations

Certain lumber mills can easily be found in prominent locations like Riverwood, Haafingar, and Falkreath (Half-moon mill and Deadwood Mill). You may also come across others that are comparatively more difficult to find.

You can look for Angela’s Mill towards the west of Windhelm, while Heartwood Mill and Ivarstead sell wood in the rift. Several other locations like Eastmarch and Hjaalmarch also have areas with a lumber mill.

How to get Sawn logs in Skyrim

Once you find a wood mill, you can start acquiring sawn logs for yourself. Start by finding the person in charge of the place– this could be the mill owners or a person taking care of it. Upon interacting with them, you will be able to buy sawn logs or cut some yourself.


Buying Sawn Logs

Buying the wood directly from mill owners might be the quickest way to obtain sawn logs, but it is an expensive purchase. Ten sawn logs will cost you two hundred gold, which does not do too much for your new house.

Questing through Skyrim to gather enough gold for all the Sawn logs you need will take a lot of time. You could spend all this time more efficiently but simply cutting the logs yourself.

Cutting Sawn Logs in Lumber mills

Instead of trying to purchase lumber for a high price, you can cut your own logs with a little bit of time.

You will first need to befriend the mill owner, which can easily be done by selling them firewood. You can chop wood in the same mill with a wooden axe. Upon doing so, you can ask them to let you cut your own logs.

Make your way to the area of the mill that has the required wood and load some of it onto the machinery. Pull the lever of the device to start cutting your logs and wait patiently until it has been done.

A Lumber Mill.
A Lumber Mill.

How to use Sawn Logs

The only use of Sawn logs in Skyrim is to let you build and improve your house. This is why the wood you use the mill machinery to cut can only be found in a log pile next to a property you own. These log piles cannot be used directly, but interacting with them can show you how many sawn logs you have.

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In summary

Skyrim introduced a new system of constructing houses with the Hearthfire DLC. This requires Sawn logs as raw materials, which can be obtained through lumber mills. The methods listed above should help you acquire this resource whether you want to get some for free or pay for it.

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