November 3

How to Install & Configure ENB (2020 Tutorial) (Skyrim SE Graphics & Mods Guide)

ENBs are post processing effects designed to greatly improve the visual aspect of your game. They come in many different presets or versions, depending on your preferences and how you wish your game to look & feel. Generally speaking, they are compatible with many other mods that edit the game’s visuals, but you really need to pay attention to this because not all of them will work with all other mods you might want to use.

There can be lots of unexpected bugs and issues, as well as general brightness problems (your game might become too dark etc).

Important Warning for Skyrim SE Players

While there are some optimization tweaks, if you’re playing Skyrim SE (Special Edition) they are a nightmare unless your GPU is NASA level. I would 100% recommend you stay away from an ENB if you don’t have a top of the line GPU and you’re playing Skyrim SE.

I don’t want to discourage you, but I do feel like I really need to warn you because the performance hit is unreal on Skyrim SE.

Make sure you bookmark my Skyrim Optimization Guide because you’ll definitely need it.

And you should also know how to mod Skyrim LE & SE so bookmark that one too. There are videos on both of those guides so you don’t have to read.

ENB Series for Skyrim SE

The first thing you need to do is download ENB Series for Skyrim SE (Special Edition) and extract anywhere you want on your machine. By default there’s nothing much going on, you’ll need a custom ENB preset that someone else has made with their own settings.

Now take only these two files: d3d11.dll & d3dcompiler_46e.dll and copy them to the root folder of your game.

And by the way, this doesn’t just work for Skyrim, it works for other games too. Check the home page for more details.

You’ve now installed the pre-requirements that other packages depend on.

ENB Presets to Consider

Here are some ENBs you might find interesting. Go ahead and download any that you like or want to test.

These are all for Skyrim SE (Special Edition). Skyrim LE (Legendary Edition) has much better ENB performance, so if this is something that you really want, then go with that version of the game.

Once you have your preferred preset, simply extract and overwrite the necessary files from the downloaded contents to give you that particular ENB’s settings.

It’s a good idea to open the readme files or check the description of the ENB page for any other instructions because you’ll also have various shortcuts and even effects customization panels.

For example, you can toggle the ENB on/off depending on your performance in certain areas, adjust or completely disable depth of field or any other effect etc.

Additional ENB Mods to Install

If you want the full experience with your ENB, then also make sure to install the following mods in MO2:

Don’t forget to check for other ENB mod releases I didn’t list here. I’m sure there will be more depending on when you see this.

All of these you can install in MO2 like any other mod. You can even put them all in one folder if you want to keep it neatly organized.

Big shout-out to Rudy for his awesome work and for being subscribed to my channel too. Just noticed the other day, thanks buddy!

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