How to Wear a Lantern in Skyrim (Wearable Lanterns) (Best Skyrim SE Immersion Mods 2022)

Playing a dark and creepy version of Skyrim with something like Enchanced Lights & FX (hardcore module) is perfect in combination with high difficulty, improved combat, graphics & audio overhauls etc. However, you will quickly realize that you need a reliable light source or exploring dungeons becomes impossible. Thankfully, there’s a few solutions available. I’ll make sure to mention some mods that can help you with all of them.

In case that you’ve never done this before (modded Skyrim), here are my guides for modding and optimizing the game.

Wearable Lanterns

In order to wear a lantern and get some extra light in your game, you will need to download and install Wearable Lanterns and Wearable Lanterns MCM Fix.

This mod comes with an MCM menu and quite a few different options. You can increase/decrease radius and brightness, enable some additional immersion options such as refilling or using torchbugs as a light source (in a jar) etc.

Don’t forget to set up a hotkey because even though the mod by default has automatic mode enabled to make the lantern turn on/off depending on time of the day and location (like for example if you’re in a dungeon or while sneaking), it can still bug out sometimes and you might want to take manual control when that happens.

This is what I use the most while playing Skyrim.

What About Torches?

If you like playing with torches, then you need to get Smoking Torches & Candles, as well as Simply Better Torches. These mods will greatly improve how torches function, as well as make them more immersive by emitting smoke (applies to all torches and candles in the game).

The second mod will basically reduce their weight, improve radius & brightness, change the light to a bit warmer color, as well as make them last a lot longer than normal.

Candlelight & Magelight

When I’m in a big open area (dungeon or cavern), then sometimes I might use candlelight or magelight (especially underwater) and by default these spells are really badly done. However, the mods that I can recommend are:

The first mod works for both Skyrim LE & SE. It simply removes that weird blue aura from the spell.

The second mod will reduce the cost of the spell, increase duration and fix the first person issue with the light hovering over your head. It will also increase radius and brightness of both spells so you’ll be able to light up a relatively large area with them.

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