Is No Man’s Sky Worth Playing in 2020 & Beyond?

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NMS was one of those games with a completely and utterly catastrophic launch. The game was super hyped up. Even PewDiePie was crazy about it. After many complications and some delays, as well as lots of controversy in-between, NMS finally arrived and the rest was history. It was one of the biggest launch failures of all time, rivaled only by FO76’s. In fact, I don’t know which one was worse, it’s really hard to say.

While things kept getting worse and worse, the indie studio behind it went into hiding. Everyone thought they just took the money and disappeared after months of no communication via their Twitter account. But what really happened was the opposite.

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True Redemption Story

Instead of just trying to fight the oncoming onslaught & heat (no point really) from dissatisfied players, the studio was instructed to ignore all that and get back to work.

You have to understand, we’re not talking about a small percent of players who were unhappy with it. We’re talking about an overwhelming majority of everyone who pre-ordered and bought NMS at launch. It was so bad that even death threats were happening.

I don’t know of any other examples (well, maybe to a degree Fallout 76) where a game that totally flopped and disappointed almost everyone universally, was completely transformed into something that’s actually enjoyable and worth your money.

Sure, it took quite a few years to get to that point, but the fact remains. NMS is one of those 180 degrees examples where a game went from totally not worth your time, to totally WORTH your time. If a chill-out, relaxation & exploration game is your thing of course. 🙂

Update After Update

So there’s actually a lot of updates that happened since then, and each one of them added more and more to the game. I won’t list all of them, but the one I’m talking about in the video above is called Beyond. Then there’s also the Next update.

Both of these were awesome, but there were many more before, as well as a couple after. I’ve linked the update pages so check them out (opens in new tabs). You don’t have to check out all of them, but these two were the most comprehensive ones. One of them even fixed the game’s performance and made it playable for yours truly. 🙂

These were all released for free, and it looks like they’re still working on more. So if you buy NMS, you will definitely be in for some surprises on top of enjoying all the extras that became available previously over the years.

Lots of new mechanics, areas, ships and gameplay functionalities. And that’s both for PC & Consoles.


Definitely get it if it’s a genre you enjoy. There’s lots of exploration, traveling and a bit of multiplayer if you want that. Normally it’s considered a single player game but if you have someone to play it with, it’s awesome.

Quests are kinda bad even for an indie game but that’s not the point. Once you do those you’ll forget about them anyway.

Make sure you buy No Man’s Sky @ a discount.

This is for PC. For consoles click on the same link but type the game’s name in the search box and you’ll find it when you go with the see all results option.

What’s Next?

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Welcome adventurer. My name is Alex and I play MMOs, RPGs and Digital Strategy Card games. I love making new friends. :)

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