How to Make Monster in Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a unique and pleasant crafting game for iOS, Android and web browser. The game requires you to conjoin unique elements in hopes of discovering a new item. With endless amounts of elements in Little Alchemy 2 it is a challenging task to craft each unique item in the game. Our guides will help you with any difficulties you may have on your crafting journey! Here is the guide for how to make Monster in Little Alchemy 2.

Monster: A spooky creature, possibly out howling at the moon, drinking blood, haunting a house, or lying under your bed RIGHT NOW.
How to Make Monster in Little Alchemy 2 1

*Monster is included in the Myths and Monsters content pack.

How to Make Monster Step by Step

The sorcery behind the game Little Alchemy 2 is that endless amounts of items can be built from four basic starting elements. Air, earth, fire and water can be used in increasingly convoluted ways to create every single item in the game including Monster.

There are countless ways to make each item. Listed below is the most uncomplicated path to creating Monster but it is not the only way.

Various Ways to Make Monster in Little Alchemy 2

With most elements in Little Alchemy 2 there are a number of combinations that can be used to craft the item. Here is how to make Monster in Little Alchemy 2:

Recipes for Monster ↗

Starting element in Myths and Monsters content pack.

What Can You Make With Monster in Little Alchemy 2?

Element ↗

Baba yaga



Calydonian boar







Frankenstein's monster














Recipe ↗

Witch + Monster

Sound + Monster | Faerie + Monster

Swamp + Monster

Wild boar + Monster | Pig + Monster

Monster + Goat | Monster + Mountain goat

Monster + Chicken | Monster + Egg

Monster + Galaxy | Monster + Universe | Monster + Galaxy cluster | Monster + Solar system | Monster + Space

Monster + Sand | Monster + Desert | Monster + Dune

House + Monster | Domestication + Monster

Dinosaur + Monster

Monster + Story | Monster + Corpse

Monster + Stone | Monster + Rock | Monster + Statue | Monster + Castle

Skeleton + Monster | Bone + Monster

Big + Monster

Small + Monster

Monster + Airplane | Monster + Seaplane | Monster + Pilot | Monster + Helicopter

Lion + Monster

Monster + Snake | Monster + Lake

Rabbit + Monster

Monster + City | Monster + Skyscraper

Horse + Monster | Seahorse + Monster

Monster + Sea | Monster + Ocean | Monster + Fish | Monster + Shark

Santa + Monster

Night + Monster | Darkness + Monster

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