Mechanics & Card Effects Guide for Beginners in Elder Scrolls Legends

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Mechanics & Card Effects Guide for Beginners in Elder Scrolls Legends 1

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Understanding card mechanics & effects is one of the most important things in Elder Scrolls Legends. There are quite a few of them and in this guide I’ll go through all the mechanics that you need to know about.

Mechanics should not be confused with keywords. I have a guide on that as well. However, cards can have both of those in a combination. Cards can also get ‘buffed up‘ and acquire these so there’s also that.

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When a card has this effect, it means that anytime your rune is destroyed and you get a prophecy card from it – you can play it right away even though it’s not your turn to play. On your turn however, prophecy cards are played like any other ones.


When you silence a creature you basically remove all extra stat modifications, items, special effects (mechanics & keywords) as well as anything else that the card might have going on for itself, excluding its most basic stats like health & damage. Effectively, when you silence something, only the most basic stats of that card remain.

Same is true in reverse though. If you silence a ‘nerfed‘ creature, you WILL give it back its old stats – so be careful if you’ve been using other effects such as reducing enemy creature’s health and damage etc.


Probably one of the most reliable effects, it simply gives you a straight up bonus of some kind as soon as you play the card. As far as I know, this is something that can never be countered.

Last Gasp

Opposite to summon, last gasp gives you an effect when a card is destroyed and it’s usually slightly more powerful than summon (not always). It can be countered with silence.

Wax & Wane

Khajiit cards have this effect. It simply triggers a different bonus on odd/even turns, similar to the summon effect. There is also a support card that you can activate to trigger both effects on the same turn, as well as other cards that can re-trigger allies and their effects. You can pull off some strong combos with this.


When a creature gets shackled, it misses it’s next attack turn. If you get a prophecy with this effect and the creature you’re about to shackle hasn’t actually attacked yet, then it will be unshackled immediately after that turn since it effectively missed its next attack.


When a creature kills another creature on your turn and it has the slay effect, it gets some type of a bonus.


When a card is banished, it is completely removed from the game and cannot be re-instated in any way. Single cards can be banished, or all copies of a certain card from a deck. If all copies are banished, the ones in your hand will stay.


When creatures battle, they simply fight and deal each other’s damage to themselves. The stronger one wins. Sometimes these duels might not always result in a kill, or a weaker creature might win – it usually depends on the keywords they might or might not have.

Beast Form

When a creature has beast form and you destroy your opponent’s rune, it transforms into a werewolf and gets some type of a bonus.


When you play a card with betray, you might sacrifice a creature on board to play that card again for free. This is useful with last gasp cards.


Consume means that when you acquire something from your discard pile, you get a special effect. But there are also cards that simply provide bonuses when consumed. So it’s not necessarily always a card that consumes something from the discard pile, it goes both ways.


If you play two or more cards in a single turn, then a card with this mechanic (when played) will give you a bonus of some kind.


When you attack and damage your opponent’s avatar, a card with empower will get buffed up. This is usually typical with action cards.


This effect allows you to pay an extra cost in magicka to obtain it. There are also other cards that can trigger this to happen without paying the cost.


If at the end of your turn you’ve played an item or an action, a card with this effect will be triggered.


When first triggered, it spawns an Oblivion gate. After that it buffs up a gate on the board. Oblivion gates provide bonuses for Daedra so this can easily get out of control if you don’t destroy them.


When you damage your opponent’s avatar, cards with this effect are triggered.


Usually this effect is tied to another mechanic, but when triggered – it simply puts a creature from your opponent’s side of the board to yours. If a lane is full it will try to put it in another one. If both lanes are full then it fails.

Treasure Hunt

When a creature has this effect it is looking for something. For example, if a creature has ‘Treasure Hunt: Support‘ – that means when you draw a support on your turn, the effect will be triggered.


This is associated with items. When an item has mobilize it means that you can spawn a 1/1 recruit creature in an empty lane and then equip that item to it. If a lane is not completely empty then you can only equip the item to whatever creature(s) you already have there.


This bonus is triggered after a creature’s first attack. It’s a one time bonus on its own.

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Welcome adventurer. My name is Alex and I play MMOs, RPGs and Digital Strategy Card games. I love making new friends. :)

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