No Man’s Sky Emeril [Location, Refining, and Uses]

Upgrading your Hyperdrive is one of the most useful steps you can take towards your progression in No Man’s Sky. However, this makes you deal with the more complex aspects of the game like figuring out how to find Emeril and using it to progress further.

This No Mans Sky Emeril guide should help you easily find Emeril with an Emeril drive, and learn to refine it so you always have a steady supply for when you need it again.

About NMS Emeril

Emeril is one of the rarer resources in No Man’s Sky. It requires you to gain access to the green star system to be harvested and is an important ingredient in the Indium drive, the third upgrade to the hyperdrive.

How to find Emeril in No Man’s Sky

Even though Emeril is not the most common resource in NMS, you can set up ways to have easier access to Emeril whenever you need it.

Getting a sufficient supply of Emeril is a similar process to doing the same for Cadmium- You will need to collect a little bit of Emeril before you can use a refiner to get much more of it.

You can use the following method to build an Emeril Drive, Collect Emeril deposits, and build a refiner to give yourself your desired supply of it.

emeril deposit

No Mans Sky Emeril Drive

The Emeril Drive in NMS is an upgrade that lets you travel to green star systems. Green systems usually contain planets with more than enough Emeril deposits for you to start using an Emeril Refiner.

You can acquire the blueprint for the Emeril Drive in exchange for Salvaged Data at the Anomaly. This, along with the required ingredients should let you craft an Emiril Drive.

In order to get access to the Emeril Drive, you will need a bit of Cadmium in your inventory. Use the wiring loom and cadmium to craft the drive and get ready to travel to a green star system.

Finding Emeril Deposits

Once you travel to a green star system, you can start exploring the planets there to find Emeril deposits that you can use in a refiner. Make sure to collect enough Emeril that is not activated to start this process as activated Emeril does not serve this purpose.

Refining Emeril

Once you have collected your desired amount of Emeril, you can run it through a medium/large refiner along with chromatic metal in order to gain twice as much Emeril.

This may seem like a waste of Chromatic Metal. However, this resource is way easier to collect than Emeril would be. This makes chromatic metal fusion with most resources like Emeril and Cadmium a worthy tradeoff.

Emeril Rock

Emeril Vs Activated Emeril

Scavenging Emeril deposits on planets in a green star system can often leave you with a ton of activated Emeril. This form of Emeril is a result of extreme weather conditions on these planets, and cannot be used in the same way that you usually could.

Players often wonder how to convert Activated Emeril to Emeril, which is not possible at this time. However, you can use Activated Emeril in a refiner along with chromatic metal to create more chromatic metal than you would be able to with any other kind of ore.

What are Green Stars?

Star systems in No Man’s Sky are classified by color to indicate the unique resources each of them contains. They also have different likelihoods of finding certain biomes, forms of life, and items on them.

Emeril is a unique resource specific to green star systems. These systems include a few different types of biomes, all of which have a fairly similar chance of occurrence.

How to get to Green Star systems

To get access to green star systems in NMS, you will first need to find some Cadmium which is usually available in red star systems.

As mentioned above, you can use the Cadmium and Wiring loom to craft an Emeril Drive which can be used to explore a green star system and harvest its resources.

Recipe for Emeril Drive

Once you purchase the blueprints for an Emeril drive at the Anomaly, you can use the following ingredients to begin crafting it:

  • 4x Wiring loom
  • 250 x Cadmium

Uses of NMS Emeril

Emeril is a comparatively rare resource that is used as a raw material to craft many other items. Here are some of the usual items Emeril is used to craft:

  • Indium Drive
  • Atlas Pass v3
  • Novae Reclaiment
  • Venom Urchin
  • Plasmatic Warp Injector
  • Chromatic warp shielding
Emeril exotic

The Indium drive is one of the most useful items on this list as it lets you travel to blue star systems, where you can collect a new set of resources. Emeril serves a similar purpose to accessing blue star systems as Cadmium did to accessing green ones, making it an important part of your progression.

Refining Emeril along with certain items can help create a bunch of other resources like Chromatic Metal, Gold, and Magnetised Ferrite.

Emeril can be a difficult resource to acquire without the right knowledge. However, using the method above to get it in your inventory is all you will need to do, as long as you can keep refining it with chromatic metal.

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Did you find this guide helpful? Do you know of any other tips that might help players easily acquire Emeril in No Man’s Sky? Let us know in the comment section below.

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