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The rate of progression is a topic of debate in most Action RPGs. While skill books, trainers, and Standing Stones provide a significant boost to the experience gained in Skyrim, the advancement of playthrough can still feel lacking, especially if the most important aspects of your build are higher up on the perk tree.

skyrim faster leveling mod

Fortunately, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition come with numerous mods to fix this issue in a unique way for each player group. This guide should help you pick the right Skyrim Faster Leveling mod for you so you can go through your next Skyrim playthrough at the speed that you want to.

Skill and Level mods are fairly popular on the Nexus mods website. They have their own section and are a must-see for players that love modding. The faster leveling mods for Skyrim and Skyrim SE are equipped with means to adjust basically any aspect of the progression mods you’re looking to alter.

Finding the right Skyrim Faster Leveling Mod for you

Similar to most Role play Games, Skyrim’s character progression is not only tied to its main character level but also the levels of skill in various domains. The alterations to the progression pace you’re looking for could be related to these skills, your main level increase, or both.

The Skills and Leveling section of Nexus mods provides you with various ways to integrate faster leveling into your Skyrim playthrough.

Depending on the change in pace and the aspects you are looking to play around with, the mod you’re looking for will differ. Mods like ‘Experience’ will provide you with an alternate way of earning XP while maintaining a balanced progression path. On the other hand, ones like ‘Max Skills and All perks’ will instantly reach you to your goal.

#1- Simple XP buff- A Faster Skill Leveling Mod

If you’re looking for a mod that just increases the amount of XP you gain through your playthrough, Simple XP buff might be the one for you.

This mod increases the bonuses gained from Standing Stones to your skill levels. This in turn quickens your leveling up process. The bonus granted by these stones is doubled through the use of this mod.

Simple XP Buff Skyrim Mod

#2- Experience

Trying to level up by grinding out your skills instead of naturally progressing through the game can sometimes feel tedious. The Experience mod provides you with an alternate mode of leveling up that is not tied to your skills.

Instead of gaining XP through repeatedly performing actions, you can choose to be awarded XP as you complete quests, explore new locations, Clear dungeons and take down your enemies.

To keep the game balanced, the mod implements skill level-caps across levels. You can find these skill caps on the mod page on nexus mods.

#3- Max Skills and All Perks

As the title suggests, this mod takes quick progression to the extreme by maxing out all the skills and perk trees you need.

The ‘Max Skills and All perks’ mod lets you choose between unlocking these features for all skills and choosing a few skills that you want to focus on. If you choose to only alter certain skills and perks, You can choose the download manually option and copy the respective files to your game folder.

#4- More Perk Points Per Level

More Perk Points per Level‘ is a popular mod that focuses on unlocking your perks a little bit faster.

Instead of increasing your XP gain, this mod doubles the perks you receive per character level, letting you gain mastery over your skills fairly quickly. This is particularly useful if you intend to focus on a few skills to level up as these will reach the skill-level requirement for your perk.

#5- Potion of Ultimate leveling

This is one of the easiest ways of leveling all the way up with a Skyrim SE mod. The ‘Potion of ultimate leveling‘ mod creates a potion that instantly increases all your skills by 85.

This potion can be reused to easily obtain legendary skills. However, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly before you do that or you might lose all your perk points.

#6- Perk Points and More Gold for Bounty Quests

If you want to level up for the perk points, this mod might interest you.

Instead of waiting to Perk receive points after you level up, you can use this mod to collect them through bounties. The mod page description will provide you with more information about the loot for each bounty.

The mod also gives you more gold from your bounties. You can pair this mod up with the ‘Skyrim unlimited training’ mod listed below to earn a ton of gold and use it to train your character.

Skyrim Perk Points Mod

#7- Skyrim Unlimited training

Unlike most other mods, ‘Skyrim Unlimited training’ makes achieving skill-levels easy by taking off the leveling limit put on trainers.

This is a faster skill leveling mod than most others you’ll find. Once you collect enough money in-game, you can find a trainer that can help you level up the skill that you prefer.

The mod is available for both; Skyrim Special edition and legendary edition.

Bonus- Skyrim True Master Trainer

Every consecutive level gained in a particular skill becomes a little more tedious than the previous one. This makes the final 10 levels the most difficult to attain. Unfortunately, the game does not let you use trainers found in the world to easily get those levels.

Skyrim True Master Trainer‘ gets rid of this limitation by letting you easily use trainers of various kinds train you to the maximum level in order to obtain that sweet 100 in your preferred skill.


Various Faster-leveling mods come with their unique ways to facilitate quicker progression.

Like most other games of its kind, Skyrim’s progression system involves more than merely leveling up. In addition to the linear character levels, the game lets you improve various other traits according to your playstyle. Depending on the pace and aspects of the game that you wish to tweak, the mods listed above should help you achieve your goal.

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Do you agree with this list of the best Skyrim faster-leveling mods? Do you have any other suggestions for players looking to level up quickly? Let us know in the comment section below.

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