Skyrim SE Ordinator – How to Play New Builds in Skyrim (Ordinator Perks of Skyrim)

Ordinator is one of the must-have mods for Skyrim LE & SE. It’s a complete perk overhaul, enabling you to play many different types of builds that weren’t possible before. It also improves the crafting perk trees, even though I actually prefer another blacksmith perk tree overhaul (it’s compatible, more on that below).

Ordinator Perks of Skyrim features hundreds of different perks to choose from. It also incorporates many new powers & spells into the game.

You will not be able to get all of them, nor is the idea behind the mod that you do. With that being said, if you’re playing a very high difficulty version of modded Skyrim, there’s a couple of add-ons such as additional perks at skill level 50-75-100 as well as 20% (or 50%) more perk points.

For example, every 5 levels you gain an additional one, which is what I use.

This helps to balance the game a bit better and provide me with some crafting perk points to use, in addition to developing my build the way I want to.

The second mod that I use with Ordinator is Smithing Perks Overhaul SE.

I use the non-vanilla option which separates blacksmith crafting and improving perks into their own branches (makes more sense to me).

Simply load that plugin below Ordinator so it overwrites it.

If you don’t know how to mod Skyrim, check out my beginner’s guide to modding Skyrim SE (Special Edition). It opens in new tab so go ahead and click it.

It’s the same for LE (Legendary Edition). You just need to download appropriate mods between them.

Once you’re ready, download & install Ordinator Perks of Skyrim from Nexus. This link is for Skyrim SE (Special Edition).

In addition to the add-ons which I mentioned, there’s also another little mod that’s called Re-Ordinated Robe Requirements – Less Restrictions on Robe Perks and this will help improve how robe requirement perks function for mage oriented builds.

And finally, I also recommend trying Perks Unlinked to allow yourself to progress through perk trees in a way where you just need the skill to be sufficiently leveled to unlock a specific perk. This will help you streamline your build a lot and avoid spending perk points on perks you don’t necessarily want.

That’s actually a perk patcher, so when you’re done with installing your perk mods, it just copies the final output into a separate mod and unlinks them.

If you’re a bit confused with regards to installation & load order, it’s like this:

  • Ordinator base mod.
  • Ordinator official add-ons (if any).
  • Smithing Perks Overhaul.
  • Re-Ordinated Robe Requirements.
  • Perks Unlinked output.

Enjoy a much better game! 🙂

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