Storybook Brawl Tier List

Picking the best hero from the selection you are given each game is an important element for outlasting the competition. Here is my Storybook Brawl tier list updated for the current patch.

With each patch the power level of the different heroes changes slightly, so the complete Storybook Brawl tier list will be at the bottom of this post and will remain updated.

Choosing a hero in Storybook Brawl

This single choice will have the biggest impact on your ability to consistently place highly in your games. I like to break the heroes down into categories based on when they are the strongest to give context to this tier list.

  • Early Game Dominant
  • Mid Game Dominant
  • Late Game Dominant

Some heroes will fall into multiple categories, but broadly speaking each hero is best in one period of the game.

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in game hero selection screen

Early Game Heroes

If you’re new to the game, I always recommend playing an early game hero. These heroes allow you to have a more powerful game board early on, making it easier to win rounds and gain some momentum.

It can be tough trying to stabilize with a weak board as a beginner.

Early game heroes are generally going to be the stronger heroes, because they give you added power at the beginning, and you may have the opportunity to switch out of them later on.

  • Heroes that add flat stats to your characters
  • Heroes that allow you to fill up your board faster
  • Heroes that allow you to power up your characters

Some examples of strong early game heroes are:

  • Krampus
  • Jack’s Giant
  • Pan’s Shadow
  • Pup the Magic Dragon
  • Mrs. Claus

Mid Game Heroes

Mid game heroes tend to be the ones that add stats to your units on a per round basis, per spell, or per treasure. They add power to your board consistently throughout the course of the game.

They won’t be super strong early on, but usually by the time you fill up your board they start becoming the strongest hero in the lobby.

  • Heroes that add stats over time (each round, each spell etc.)
  • Heroes that benefit upgraded cards

Some examples of strong mid game heroes are:

  • Merlin
  • Charon
  • Celestial Tiger
  • Fallen Angel
  • Wonder Waddle

Late Game Heroes

Nothing is more frustrating than cruising along the early game with a dominant army, only to run into a late game hero that finished their team comp and crushes you every round.

Late game heroes have abilities that make them super strong towards the end of games, but challenging at the beginning. These heroes tend to get a lot of first place finishes and a fair bit of 8th place finishes.

  • Heroes that fundamentally alter the way some of your cards function.
  • Heroes that benefit high level characters
  • Heroes that increase the power of your treasures

Some example of strong late game heroes are:

  • Hoard Dragon
  • Trophy Hunter
  • Xelhua
  • Muerte

Storybook Brawl Tier List of Heroes

With the basics out of the way lets get on to the tier list.

This list will always be updated to the most recent patch, since the power of heroes changes with each update.

S Tier Heroes

These are the heroes that I pick every time I’m given the chance. I consider them to have a significant edge over the rest of the heroes in the game.

  • Skip, The Time Skipper
  • Mask
  • Merlin
  • Loki
skip, the time skipper storybook brawl character
Mask storybook brawl hero
Merlin storybook brawl hero
Loki storybook brawl hero

A Tier Heroes

These are great heroes, but a step down from the S tier. I will pick them most of the time and be pretty happy about it.

  • Hoard Dragon
  • Charon
  • Potion Master
  • Wonder Waddle
  • Pup The Magic Dragon
  • Pied Piper
  • Fallen Angel
fallen angel storybook brawl hero
hoard dragon storybook brawl hero
Charon storybook brawl hero
potion master storybook brawl hero

B Tier Heroes

This tier of heroes has the most enjoyable heroes to play in the game. I will sometimes pick these heroes just to try a special build over some of the stronger heroes.

  • Celestial Tiger
  • Pan’s Shadow
  • Trophy Hunter
  • Beauty
  • Gwen
  • Peter Pants
  • Mihri, King Lion
  • Sir Galahad
Celestial Tiger storybook brawl hero
pans shadow storybook brawl hero
gwen storybook brawl hero
peter pants storybook brawl hero

C Tier Heroes

Now we are getting to the tier of heroes that I would prefer not to play. They aren’t terrible, and won’t put you at a huge disadvantage, but there are definitely better options.

  • Mad Catter
  • Xelhua
  • Geppetto
  • Evella
  • Sad Dracula
  • Morgan le Fay
  • The Fates
Geppetto storybook brawl hero
Evella storybook brawl hero
morgan le fay storybook brawl hero
mad catter storybook brawl hero

D Tier Heroes

These are the heroes I generally try to avoid. Once in a while I’ll play them just to see if I was missing something, or I just haven’t found the right way to play them yet. I would consider any of these heroes to be at a disadvantage in the game.

  • Mrs. Claus
  • Krampus
  • Snow Angel
  • The Cursed King
  • Jack’s Giant
  • Grandmother
  • Mordred
  • The Headless Horseman
  • Muerte
mordred storybook brawl hero
grandmother storybook brawl hero
muerte storybook brawl hero
jack giant storybook brawl hero

What are the best heroes in Storybook Brawl?

This is my tier list. I will keep it up to date and make changes when necessary.

I like to stick to this tier list most of the time, because it gives me an advantage as I try to level up in the game. It’s also fun to try new and different things in Storybook Brawl, so every handful of games I will pick a hero just for fun that might not be the optimal choice.

The more games I play the more I realize there is a viable strategy with just about every hero in the game. It comes down to figuring out what the game is giving you, and how to use your hero to its full potential in each situation.

Comment down below with your thoughts on my tier list. Which ranking do you disagree with the most?

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