How to Change or Disable (Remove) Skyrim’s Cinematic Kill Camera (Kill Cam / Kill Moves Mod)

Taking control of the kill camera (kill moves) is easy. There’s 3 different options that I know of. The first one is to simply add a couple of parameters to a config file. The second is to completely remove it via a mod (which I use), and the third is also a mod that can remove it, but it’s more about editing it and changing the way it works (for that one you need SKSE, SkyUI, the whole thing).

The config parameter will remove ranged kill camera and change the way melee one works (no longer takes you out of 1st person).

All you need to do is add to your Skyrim’s config file at the end:


Usually it’s in Documents/MyGames/Skyrim/Skyrim (not SkyrimPrefs).

You can see the STEAM thread here.

If you don’t know how to mod Skyrim, check out my beginner’s guide to modding Skyrim SE (Special Edition). It opens in new tab so go ahead and click it.

It’s the same for LE (Legendary Edition). You just need to download appropriate mods between them.

The mods that I mention in the video are:

These are both for Skyrim SE (Special Edition).

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