How to Find & Get CAMP Blueprints & Plans in Fallout 76

CAMP blueprints & plans are very important. There’s a few different ways of getting them. We’ll go through that in this guide. But first keep in mind that a ‘blueprint‘ can also refer to a re-useable CAMP blueprint YOU yourself have created so that’s basically why you might see players referring to blueprints in two different ways interchangeably.

You can just call plans – plans, and blueprints – blueprints.

More on that below.

How to Get Plans in FO76

You will often receive plans when you complete certain quests. This is not a good way of ‘farming‘ them because you can’t really complete a bunch of quests quickly. Think of it simply as an additional reward while you’re playing the game. Which is what it is.

Plans can also drop randomly as loot in the world. You want to loot higher security containers, and for that you will need to upgrade the lock picking perk.

Often they will be rewarded for defending a workshop successfully, as well as various events and/or daily quests.

The easiest way to get plans is to visit player ran vending machines. You can hover your mouse over a player’s CAMP and take a look at how many plans are posted for sale. Sometimes players might get greedy so don’t overpay if a plan’s value is much less than what they’re selling it for.

Chances are you can find that plan at an NPC vendor and there you can also utilize the fully upgraded trading perk card for better prices.

CAMP Blueprints Explained

When you make a blueprint out of something, you are making it easier for yourself to craft a certain ‘structure‘ or collection of structures in your CAMP. You can add multiple items to a blueprint and save it with a custom name for your own reference. For example a bunch of plants as ‘garden‘.

This can be useful when you move your CAMP to a location where you can’t just place everything via one blueprint the way it used to be before.

It is very important to note that by default, you will be crafting new copies via a blueprint, so you absolutely want to make sure that you are at the stored tab while in CAMP editing mode, or else you’ll burn through your junk very quickly!

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