How to Make Paint in Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a tremendously entertaining crafting game for iOS, Android and web browser. The game requires you to mix different elements in hopes of uncovering a new item. With over 700 elements in Little Alchemy 2 it is a arduous task to craft each unique item in the game. Our guides will help you with any difficulties you may have on your crafting journey! Here is the guide for how to make Paint in Little Alchemy 2.

Paint: Colored artificial skin that's slathered onto a surface.
How to Make Paint in Little Alchemy 2 1

*Paint is an element in Little Alchemy 2 standard game.

How to Make Paint Step by Step

The sorcery behind the game Little Alchemy 2 is that over 700 items can be made from four elementary starting elements. Air, earth, fire and water can be used in increasingly tangled ways to create every single item in the game including Paint.

There are many ways to make each item. Listed below is the most basic path to creating Paint but it is not the only way.

Easiest Way to Make Paint ↗

Earth + Earth → Land

Land + Land → Continent

Continent + Continent → Planet

Planet + Fire → Sun

Water + Sun → Rainbow

Water + Rainbow → Paint

Various Ways to Make Paint in Little Alchemy 2

With most elements in Little Alchemy 2 there are a number of combinations that can be used to craft the item. Here is how to make Paint in Little Alchemy 2:

Recipes for Paint ↗

Water + Rainbow | Water + Double rainbow! | Water + Pencil | Pottery + Rainbow | Pottery + Double rainbow! | Tool + Rainbow | Tool + Double rainbow!

What Can You Make With Paint in Little Alchemy 2?

Element ↗







Recipe ↗

Container + Paint | Bottle + Paint

Fabric + Paint

Pencil + Paint | Wax + Paint

Human + Paint

Canvas + Paint

Sugar + Paint

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