Complete Rogue Genesia Guide — Best Cards, Weapons, and Strategy

Not many bullet hell roguelikes manage to stand out among their sea of competitors today without high levels of complexity. While this makes them incredibly fun, it also tends to leave you lost in all it has to offer, and Rogue Genesia is no different.

This Rogue Genesia Guide should help you understand everything you need to know about the game so you can start making the right upgrade choices and get your first win, followed by many others.

Plotting Your Path

Plot your path

At the start of each run, you will be able to scout the map and pick your path (Similar to games like Slay the Spire). Since the game does not offer concrete courses, it is up to you to choose your battles. Press on this screen to start pinning your nodes so they can guide you through the way.

As a beginner, the treasure chests are your best bet as they offer rewards without requiring you to fight enemies. Try to form a path with as many of them as you can. After that, you can focus on regular fights denoted by small skulls. 

Once you get better at the game or have a very strong build, start taking more Elite fights denoted by giant skulls with crowns on the map.

The Best Cards in Rogue Genesia

Best cards

Every time you level up, you will be offered a selection of three cards. These cards come in various rarities and can alter your stats or give you weapons. They range from tainted cards can that offer minor benefits to epic cards that can make a huge difference. While higher rarity cards are usually better, make sure to pick ones that go well with your build.

Strong weapon cards should be your priority. After acquiring a good set of weapons that get you through the fights, you will need a good defense to survive. A combination of defense boosts, high HP, and health regeneration should make you very difficult to kill. This will be very useful in boss fights as being able to survive their attacks are what lets you beat them.

Some cards work well with certain builds. A high movement speed works well with projectile-based weapons while sacrificing it for more damage with AoE weapons might make more sense. 

In addition to leveling up, you can also find cards in chests and shops.

The Best Weapons in Rogue Genesia

The game offers players a ton of weapons across various weapons through card selections. While you will always have a choice of weapons, your options will be randomly generated as cards are.

Not all weapons in Rogue Genesia are equally effective. While most have a place in some builds, a few weapons work better than others. Weapons that target enemies have a lot of use early in the game, but soon fall short. On the other hand, area-of-effect weapons do very against hoards of enemies which you often come across toward the end of the game.

The Katana, the Fire Ring, The Death Aura, and the Thunder Staff are some of the best weapons you can find in the game easily let you win the earlier worlds of the game.

Acquiring in-game achievements will give you access to stronger weapons such as those mentioned above.

Early-Game Tips

While surviving the first few rounds of the game may not seem like a big deal, they are essential in setting up your build for the rest of your run.

Pick up a good weapon a short cool down and start finding cards that will increase your damage stats like projectile speed and base damage. This will directly benefit future weapons you pick up. This is also a good time to pick up health boosts to survive the mid-game.

Since your health will not have too many hit points to work with at this stage, make sure to evade enemies as often as you can.

Mid-Game Tips

Rogue Genesia

The mid-game stages or the middle of the map is a place to pick up new weapons and build a good defense that will let you defeat the final boss.

By this point in the game, you should have a strong offense, which should let you focus on survival. Pick up all of the rarer defense-related cards you come across (Unless there is a strong weapon card). Having a character that is tanky enough will let you stay in one place and fight off anything that comes to you, only needing to take a few breaks to regenerate your health every now and then.

You can also use this time to level up your favorite weapons so your rounds do not get long and boring.

End-Game Tips

The last few rounds of a Rogs’ mode run can be spent further improving your health and defense and unlocking a few more dashes in preparation for the final boss. Since a good part of that fight includes chipping off its health and running away to regenerate, your defensive stats will play a much larger role than your offensive ones.

However, the final boss fight can feel a bit long and tedious, so adding a few more points to your main weapon will not hurt if your character already seems invincible.

Rogue Genesia Boss Fights

The Rog’s mode boss fights in Rogue Genesia may seem daunting at first but can be dealt with in a simple way; dealing damage until your HP drops low before regenerating and repeating the cycle.

Make sure to be prepared with high defensive stats to let this method work well as tanking the hits you need to without it might not be possible.

The Zone 1 boss has a few projectile attacks that can be dealt with by maintaining enough distance and constantly moving, after which you will a brief window to go in and attack it. Doing that while taking enough time away from the boss should help you regenerate.

The Zone 2 boss can be even easier with how much time you have to boost your stats and can be beaten with the same strategy. As you get towards the end of their health pool, it will switch phases and transform into several little versions of itself. Beating these smaller versions is will switch it back and let you do damage to it again.

The Soul Shop

Soul Store

While most of your improvement in the game will come from getting better at picking the right power-ups to craft the best build, a simple way to make yourself stronger is through the Soul Shop in the game’s main menu which uses the points you have earned in your runs.

The soul shop lets you boost your stats and increase the chance of luck-based events. The rerolls, guaranteed void magnet, and HP boosts are some of the best areas to focus on early in your journey while Elite stage artifact and projectile piercing are great late-game investments.

Rogs’ Mode vs Survival Mode

The Rog’s mode in Rogue Genesia is your standard game mode with a defined end. It includes a fixed amount of potential rounds and can be beaten. The F-tier difficulty here is a great starting point to learn the game.

The survival mode in the game is probably its biggest challenge so far. Instead of giving you a defined end goal, it lets you compete against other players to find out who can stay alive for the longest.

Other Important Tips

Rogue Genesia Other
  • Break Crates as often as you can.
  • Defensive builds are overpowered. They are the best way to get your first win.

Rogue Genesia may seem complicated to anybody that is initially introduced to it. However, a little insight into the best power-ups can soon change that. The guide above should tell you all you need to know about this action rogue lite’s upgrades, bosses, and game modes.

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