How to Get & Make (Farm) Fusion Cores in Fallout 76

Fusion cores are one of the most important items you should stock up on after you start playing with power armor. In addition to showing you the best ways of getting them, I’ll also give you tips & tricks on how to make them last longer. This is just as important because if you get more mileage from a core, you’ll need less of them.

There are a few different ways of getting fusion cores in FO76 so let’s take a look.

Take a Workshop

While fusion core processors will yield a core at every set interval, this is not really the most optimal way of getting them. However, taking workshops is great for obtaining other resources, completing the defense quests and getting various items & plans as rewards. Not to mention additional experience and items from the mobs you retire.

So don’t overlook that if you need more stuff in general.

Craft Fusion Cores

Another possibility is to craft them. They will be at full capacity but the problem here is that you need to obtain very rare materials that drop only in blast zones (nuclear attacks). If that wasn’t enough, you need to process those materials into other materials before actually being able to craft fusion cores.

If and when this happens, take advantage of course. But don’t count on it happening often.

Server Hop to Farm Fusion Cores

The most optimal way to obtain cores (even if not at full capacity) is to discover 5-6 power armor locations and then just fast travel to them, loot whatever is available and re-log (server hop). Then go check them all out again.

You will need to spend some caps for doing this but it’s hands down the fastest way. You can also fairly easily complete full PA sets for various levels.

Make Cores Last Longer

The trick to making fusion cores last longer is to avoid using any actions that consume action points. If you avoid using VATS, jetpack flying, jumping and sprinting (unless you get the perk card), you will generally make your cores last much longer.

Even if you’re just using VATS to check for enemies around, you will drain your cores faster.

Instead, get some heavy weapons and play like a true machine!

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