No Man’s Sky Station Override: What You Need to Know

It has been a year since the mystery of the space station core has plagued the player base of No Man’s Sky. This sphere has sparked various theories among the community, none of which have been confirmed or denied.

Here is everything we know about the No Man’s Sky station override event with regards to the expeditions that involved it and fan theories.

The No Man’s Sky Space Station Core

Chances are, you have come across the huge sphere near the landing zones in space stations at some point by now. This structure called the space station core has boggled the minds of players for months.

Since it was added to the game long after its release, everybody has assumed it was put there for a reason. Additionally, upon interacting with it, the sphere gives an option to ‘Input Override Code’, further supporting the idea of something that can grant you access to it.

Players have used multiple glitches to inspect it further, but have only been able to look around it, which did not do a lot for them.

station override

The NMS Station Override and Expedition 3

No Man’s Sky’s Expedition 3: Cartographers teased players with an opportunity to interact with the core as a reward, but without any conclusion.

The expedition offered players a new item called the ‘Station Override’. This looked like a key to the core, but only returned a message that said ” Counterfeit code detected… access denied”. Using the station override got rid of the item from your inventory too, which prevented players from trying it at another time.

The expiration of the expedition has even stopped newer players from getting access to the key. However, this event did spark a new hope in players that a future update will offer a key with a code that does work.

Fan Theories about the Space Station Core and the Station Override

The most common theory about the core is that it is a setup for a future update. This could be a new event that includes the core in its plot or give players a whole new feature associated with it.

Another adjacent theory puts out the idea that is some sort of advanced control of the space stations. Since the core is a common element of multiple stations, it is also believed that it might give players the ability to teleport from one station to another.

With the game constantly being updated, it could also act as some sort of a portal to a new location, dimension, or star system in the game.

However, with the lack of confirmation, all of these theories will just remain theories.

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Do you agree with any of the ideas mentioned above? Do you have your own theories about the function of the Space station core and its override code? Let us know in the comment section below.

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