How to Get (Farm & Craft) Ammo in Fallout 76

Ammo is definitely one of the most important commodities in FO76. Unless you’re playing with a melee build. There are a few different ways of getting ammo. From looting it from mobs, to finding it randomly in the world. To crafting it and farming with workshops.

Having lots of ammo is also a nice way of making profits from selling it to other players via your vending machine.

Invest in Intelligence Points

In addition to crafting higher durability items (you’re smarter after all), more intelligence yields more materials from scrapping. It pays to be smart. There are also chems that give temporary boost but these are not worth the micromanagement effort they require. At least in my opinion.

Craft Ammo

Once you have some extra brain power (and resources), get the perk card that gives you 80% more rounds for ammo crafting and simply start crafting what you need. This is great for multiple reasons.

You can make tons of targeted ammo real quick, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time farming at workshops or re-logging to pick up ammo containers.

There is also another perk card that gives you 30% chance to double your crafting output. This is a bit harder to get (at level 50) but once you have it and you go on crafting sessions, equip it temporarily and get yourself some extra ammo.

Keep in mind you will need to stock up on Acid & Cloth in order to craft Gunpowder which is often used for most ammo types. If you’re a fan of energy ammo, then you need some plastic & nuclear material too.

Converted Munitions Factory

You can also get ammo from the workshop that produces it. It’s a bit higher difficulty so if you’re solo and low level I would say avoid it (for now). If you join the Raider faction, eventually you will find yourself in possession of a CAMP version of ammo producer so that’s not bad either.

Buy Ammo

Don’t forget that you can also buy ammo if you really need it. Equip a fully upgraded set of the trading perk and visit vendors and ammo machines.

This is not my recommended way of getting it because it can get expensive, but if you really need some extra ammo ASAP – it’s pretty much the best way to get it.

Overall, crafting ammo is the most efficient way of getting it.

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