How to find a Derelict Freighter || No Mans Sky Derelict Freighter Guide

The survival aspects of No Man’s Sky make resource collection and management a crucial part of the game. Fortunately, space Encounters such as Derelict Freighters often contain valuable items that make keeping up with these resources a much easier task.

This No Mans Sky Derelict Freighter guide should help you find and explore them more easily.

About Derelict Freighters

Derelict Freighters are some of the most unique and interesting space encounters in No Man’s Sky. Every Freighter has its interior randomly designed to make it unique every time you find a new one.

In addition to the appealing rewards you receive from the freighter, you will often come across logs left by people that tell you about the crew member’s fate and that of those around them.

Not all Freighters in the game can be explored. Some of them are not in a condition that lets you land on them. These encounters still do not disappoint as they usually have space pirates or other enemies guarding the area.

Where to find a Derelict Freighter in No Mans’s Sky

Finding a Derelict Freighter in space may not be as difficult as it seems. Sure, a few of the methods to find this encounter are based on luck, but there are other ways that can be far more reliable.

The following methods are some of the best ways to find Derelict Freighters.

Emergency Broadcast Receivers

Using an Emergency Broadcast receiver is one of the most reliable methods of finding a Derelict Freighter. It is a consumable product that can be used to easily detect a Derelict Freighter in space.

Emergency broadcast receivers are handy items but can only be purchased in small quantities unless you want to pay higher amounts for them.

The Scrap Dealer on the space station sells you your first receiver for 5 million units and every consecutive one for more, going up to 30 million units. These prices reset back to 5 million daily.

After you complete a Derelict Freighter Mission, you can get a free Emergency Broadcast Receiver from Iteration Helios once per week, which may seem slow but comes in handy. You can also earn them as rewards for completing nexus missions.

Cruising through space

If you are out of Emergency Broadcast servers, you could try the next best method- moving around space, hoping you find one. The encounters you come across this will have a lot of randomnesses attached to them, not always guaranteeing you a Derelict Freighter. However, it could be worth a shot with a little bit of optimization.

You could use tools like the Anomaly Detector to make sure you come in contact with a space encounter more quickly. This may not increase the likelihood of spawning Derelict Freighters, but it lets you save a lot of time while searching for them.

How to land on a Derelict Freighter in No Man’s Sky

Landing on a Derelict Freighter in NMS is not too difficult once you find one that allows you to.

Upon reaching a Derelict Freighter, you should be able to able to find landing locations. These are usually landing pads with holographic circles making them easy to spot. You can place your ship on it and easily get off it to explore the Freighter. Make sure to look for enemies guarding this Freighter before you try to land so they do not cause any trouble later on.

If you are having trouble landing on a Derelict Freighter, make sure it allows you to land. Broken and abandoned Freighters or Wrecks cannot be explored. However, you can still break some Debris around them for loot.

no mans sky derelict freighter

No Mans Sky Derelict Freighter in the same star system

The similarities and differences between two Derelict Freighter encounters largely depend upon whether they are in the same system.

Derelict Freighters in the same systems tend to have similar names and areas to explore. The enemies you will come across on these adventures will also tend to be similar. Logs found lying around may not be identical every time, but will usually amount to close values.

The Freighters Technology in the Derelict Freighter may be of the same class but is usually of a different type. The loot available in two Freighters in the same star system is also randomly generated, and will likely not be the same.

Derelict Freighters from different universes may have similar consistencies with different sets of enemies.

Derelict Freighter rewards and loot

You will find a ton of rewards by exploring the Derelict freighter. Upon completing the Freighter, you can receive items like a crew manifest, which is a curiosity you donate to the Guild envoy to increase your reputation with them. You may also receive repair kits, a captain’s log, and many more items of this kind.

Going through lootable containers in the Freighter can help you find a few more rewards. You may find rare items like the Hypnotic eye, a Hadal Core, and a Larval core among other rewards. You can also find Upgrade Modules for the Exosuit, the ship, and the multi-tools.

Reviving Ship Logs

In addition to all the resources you will come across on Derelict Freighters, you also have the option of retrieving ship logs.

A Typical Derelict Freighter will have a few sets of crew manifest pieces. While a lot of these logs give you more insight into the Freighter’s secrets, a few of them include credentials that can provide you with access to the captain’s log which is often locked behind some code.

Derelict Freighters

Technology upgrades for Derelict Freighters

Some of the best resources you can scavenge from Derelict Freighters are ones that let you upgrade your freighter. Your freighter class determines the number of slots you have access to. Upgrading your freighter can increase this number.

To install upgrade modules in your freighter, you will need two sets of materials, Salvaged Frigate modules and salvaged fleet unit pieces.

Finding and exploring your first few Derelict Freighters in No Man’s Sky can be a hassle for a lot of players, after which they should become second nature to you. This guide should help you get through those encounters and collect the loot they hide.

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Did you find this guide helpful? Do you know of any other tips that can help players deal with Derelict Freighter missions? Let us know in the comment section below.

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