The Best House in Skyrim For Free (And For Coin)

The Dragonborn may be able to travel far and long, resting where they desire to. However, waiting in the middle of a forest does not come close to sleeping in a bed you own; in terms of satisfaction, and the benefits that come along with this.

Various houses in the game provide different benefits to the player. This list should help you find the best house in Skyrim for your needs so you can gain the ‘Well Rested’ buff, have your resources better protected, and are able to gain quick access to the facilities you need.

Skyrim’s houses can be earned through different quests, or bought for various amounts. The Hearthfire DLC added the ability to buy plots of land in the game, upon which you could build your own house. Joining factions can also let you use their quarters for a safe resting space.

The best free House in Skyrim

The following houses in Skyrim can be acquired without spending any currency. They are usually obtained by making certain choices during quests, marrying people that own a house, or both.

Severin Manor

Not many houses in Solsteim are available to be acquired by players, which makes Severin Manor a unique one. It is much more spacious than it seems from the outside. It does not need to be upgraded and comes equipped with a cooking pot, an arcane table, and much more.

In order to own Severin Manor, you will need to complete the ‘Served Cold’ quest in the area, after which Lleril Morvayn will award it to you.

Severin Manor

The White Phial

Unlike many houses on this list, the white Phial is not a house that is bought or earned. Instead, it is one that you can obtain through marriage (and a quest.)

To set the wheels in motion to obtain the white Phial, you will first need to complete the White Phial quest. This should let Quintus Navale gain ownership of the house. Upon going through the appropriate series of dialogue while wearing the amulet of Mara, you should be able to marry him and have a chance to use the house for yourself.

The White Phial

Anise’s Cabin

After dealing with Anise, her Cabin is free to be used. Of course, it may not feel like a home or be as safe as well built one, but it should work until you can find one that does. Additionally, the cellar includes an alchemy table and an enchanting one. These facilities are not even available in some of the houses you buy.

Since you do not officially own the house, the items stored in it may be reset, so make sure to not leave any of them there. But hey, a free house that can be easily accessed.

Anises Cabin

The Abandoned Shack

An abandoned house may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but if you are roleplaying a thief that needs to find a makeshift home, this might fit right into your story. Besides, you do not have to spend the entire game with it.

You will be sent to the abandoned shack by Astrid on a Dark Brotherhood questline. While completing it doesn’t give you ownership of the cabin, it does leave it open for use. Just as with the previous house on the list, make sure to not leave anything valuable in it.

Abandoned Shack

The best house you can buy in Skyrim

The houses listed below can be bought for a certain price. They are pre-built and do not need to be constructed. However, a few of them can be upgraded to include more facilities.


With its pretty architecture, alchemy and enchantment facilities, and proximity to useful locations, Hjerim is a pretty good purchase. The house can even be upgraded to add the rooms and additional features you might need. You can add a children’s room, an Armory, and a lot of the other regular upgrade features.

You will need to complete the necessary civil war questlines no matter which side you choose before you will be allowed to purchase the house.


Proudspire Manor

Whether or not Proudspire Manor is worth its hefty price will depend on how much extra coin you have. However, it may be a completionist’s necessity.

One of the stones of Barenzhiah required to complete the ‘No stone unturned’ quest is located in the Proudspire Manor. While the quest can be completed by using a duplication glitch, the only way to genuinely get it done would be to purchase the house.

Upon buying it, you can further upgrade it in order to add a bedroom, a Patio, an Enchanting Table, and more.

Proudspire Manor


Honeyside is a classic Riften house from the outside. Inside, you will have the opportunity to place weapon displays and other means of storage. If you choose to not let kids live there, you can place an arcane enchanter inside the house.

Buying this house requires you to either prove yourself to the people of Riften or the Jarl so you will need to complete a few quests to help the people around you or the Jarl directly.



Breezehome is one of the most popular houses due to how early in the story you will get a chance to buy it. It may not have some of the magical facilities that other houses in the game have. However, it is available for an incredibly cheap price and is a great choice for your first home.


Vlindrel Hall

Being built on an elevated piece of land in Markarth leaves Vlindrel Hall with a fantastic view of its surrounding. The house comes with an option to be upgraded in case you need more space or additional facilities.

Vlindrel Hall

The best plots in Skyrim to build a Homestead on

Hearthfire Revolutionized the way buying houses works. Instead of looking for the best house on Skyrim’s land, you can buy some land and construct a house for yourself on it.

Lakeview Manor

As its name suggests, Lakeview Manor comes with a spectacular view of a lake. In addition to all the regular benefits that owning this home brings, Lakeview manor has a special bonus of being able to host an apiary for bees.

In order to be able to purchase this plot, you will need to complete a few quests for whoever the current Jarl of Falkreath is. Doing this should present you with the opportunity of becoming Thane of the land. As a Thane, you will then be allowed to buy the land at the Lakeview Manor location.

Best House in Skyrim

Windstad Manor

Just like Lakeview, Building Windstad Manor comes with a unique perk. The house comes with a special fish hatchery that can be used to breed various species of fish from all over Skyrim.

The land can be purchased for 5000 coins after completing the ‘Laid to Rest’ quest. This would require you to look into Hroggar upon being asked to by the Jarl.

Windstad Manor

Heljarchen Hall

You’ve probably noticed that the houses built on land that you bought often have a unique feature, and Heljarchen is no different. Upon having your kitchen built, you will have access to the grain mill. This can be used to make flour if you ever need it.

Being situated on a mountain gives Heljarchen a great view. You can look around and either enjoy the sight of nature or scout enemies around you.

In order to be able to purchase Heljarchen Hall, you will first need to complete the ‘Waking Nightmare’ and ‘Kill the Giant’ quests. ‘kill the Giant’ would be no easy task for a beginner as Giants do not scale down to your level like most other enemies do and therefore requires you to be at least level 22 before you attempt it.

Heljarchen Hall

The Best Faction House in Skyrim

If you don’t want to spend loads of money on a house and are okay not having absolute privacy where you sleep, you can easily join a faction that can provide you with a space of your own. Depending on your level of progression through the faction’s questline, you can find anything from a castle to a small room with not much more than a bed inside.

The Arch-Mage’s Quarters in the college of Winterhold

The problem with most bedding areas that you acquire through factions is how little of the area belongs to you. The sheer size of the archmage quarters makes you completely forget this problem with all that it offers you.

Upon completing the final College of Winterhold’ quest: ‘The Eye of Magnus, you will be bestowed with the title of Arch-Mage. This grants you access to the Archmage’s quarters; the best space in the building. This should provide you with an arcane enchanter, an alchemy lab, and more. You can also find a few useful resources lying around the place.

The Archmage’s quarters are a significant upgrade from the Apprentice’s Quarters that you receive access to upon enrolling into the College of Winterhold. The visual appeal and facilities that these chambers provide you can be a convincing reason to reside in a location as inconvenient as this one.

The Arch-Mage's Quarters in the college of Winterhold

Castle Volkihar

Castle Volkihar is closely tied to the Dawnguard DLC storyline. It is the perfectly themed home for a Vampire Lord and can be obtained by taking the side of the vampires against Dawnguard.

Upon choosing to go with the vampires, Harkon’s chambers will essentially be your own. You can use the chests in the room as storage space whenever required. The chests in the rest of the castle do not grant you the same privileges of having your items stay safe. However, Volkihar Keep has a lot more to offer.

The dining halls often have a meal ready for you, in case you ever need it. You will be able to access Feran’s laboratory where you can use his Alchemy table to craft the potions you want. Once Serana gets her room in the castle, you will find an enchanting table there too. The castle is full of various other exciting rooms you can explore.

Castle Volkihar

Dawnstar Sanctuary

The Dawnstar Sanctuary may not look like much when initially encountered. However, you will be allowed to upgrade it after it is made available to you. Upgrading it makes Dawnstar Sanctuary one of the better faction bases available to you.

In order to make the Sanctuary available, you will have to complete the ‘Hail Sithis’ quest.

Dawnstar Sanctuary

Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

Getting access to this Sanctuary is not a difficult task once to know how to join the Dark Brotherhood. This may not be the most feature-rich home you can find, but it is one of the best ones if you want a good place to rest without going through much trouble.

Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

Nightingale Hall

The Nightingale Hall belongs to the Nightingales, which is a smaller group within the Thieves Guild. In order to gain access to a sleeping space here, you will need to complete the ‘Darkness Returns’ quest. This would require you to return the Skeleton key to ebomere and solve the ghost problem.

Nightingale Hall

Listed above are some of the best houses in Skyrim. They all have different advantages over each other and are best picked by personal preference. If you have the coin required, you can buy a house for yourself, or buy land on which you can build one. If you don’t, you can easily find one through quests and factions.

Do you agree with this list? Which is the best house in Skyrim according to you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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